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Friday, October 17, 2014

BabyScan Review

Hey dolls,

So as I've mentioned in some of my pregnancy update posts, we found out the gender of our little bean through a gender scan in the Baby Scan clinic in Ballincollig, Cork.

BabyScan have clinics in Cork, Dublin and Derry. The scans available are early pregnancy scan, gender scan, 3D and 4D scans, and reassurance scans.

I had my 20 week appointment in the hospital on 3rd July. I presumed I'd be told the gender of our baby during this appointment. I got very anxious during the appointment because I wasn't sure if I'd get a scan done at all. When I did I didn't think to ask about the gender because I was worried about baby's movement's (there was no need this early!). Anywho I wasn't told the gender and got quite upset because we were going on holiday with my parents the next week and I wanted to get the baby something nice! I ended up getting Winnie and Piglet from Tesco!!

Anyway, so before we left for our holiday we scheduled a gender scan for July 16th in the Cork clinic. I really wanted to know the gender before my birthday shopping trip to Dublin on the 19th so I was lucky enough to get the appointment for when I did! Because the appointment was after work I thought it would be awkward getting Daniel to Cork for the scan, I asked my sister to come with me because I wanted her to see the baby scan and wanted her to be a part of the pregnancy because she was soon to be asked to be godmother (I asked her in Dublin at dinner :)).

So onto the scan itself. When you enter reception, there is no check in needed. A nurse comes out and calls you when your appointment time comes along or when the last appointment has ended. When you enter the scan room, there is a chair for your partner or guest and you lay on the table. The scan itself can be done from 18/19 weeks onwards. So your asked general questions like when is your due date etc. The sonographer was lovely, very bubbly and chatty. She showed us different parts of the baby like hands and feet and the little face. The gender scan also includes 3D view. When doing the scan the baby moved around quite a lot, unfortunately, she couldn't get the gender from the scan, so she advised I go to the waiting area and rub the left hand side of my stomach/lower down to move the baby's bum around so he'd stop blocking the scan! About 10 minutes later she called me in again and this time it was revealed that it's a boy! I couldn't clearly see the male genitalia but she did advise it was there ;) We got about 15 scans, some lovely 3D one's of his face and then full body regular scans. It was definitely worth the €99 fee. I would recommend the baby scan clinic's to anyone considering it.

Cost: Varies per scan but the gender scan was €99.
Rating: 9/10 (only thing that I didn't like was the amount of times the sonographer said baba ;)).
Location: The Cork clinic is located in Ballincollig behind the shopping centre in the medical centre.

Lots of Love

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