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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 28 weeks

Hey dolls,

My last update was at 25 weeks. Am I now in the third trimester?! Since then I've had a check up appointment with my GP and had a little bit of a scare which I will explain down further, so keep reading...
How far along? 28 weeks (and 2 days)
Total weight gain/measurement: I don't know, I haven't been getting weighed at my regular appointments and weighing myself I have no clue what change has occured. I've definitely put on a bit of weight though from the lack of exercise compared to before being pregnant and obviously a baby growing in a bubble go liquid inside me!! It's so strange!
Maternity clothes: Yes, I get my maternity wear from New Look and Asos. I definitely need more though! I'm still able to wear some tshirt tops from penneys (Primark) in my usual size that I had prior to baby bump!
Stretch marks: I think I'm getting a few more, I've noticed some on my legs by my knees, on my arms, my boobs and a bit more on my stomach! I need to keep moisturising! I'm not the best at doing regular skincare :( 
Sleep: I'm becoming increasingly more uncomfortable at night!i find it hard to sleep on my right side as my arm goes dead and numb, very uncomfortable! And turning over is a nightmare, I tend to wake up to turn over :( and comfort isn't the best as I find myself too warm so sleep half under my duvet and half out in the cold room :( so no cuddles for me. 
Best moment's so far: Oddly when I'm on my iPad and have one hand rested on my bump the baby kicks my hand :) it's nice to feel as I know he's ok :) we've started the nursery this week which is exciting but a few house renovations need to be done before the nursery can be finished so a bit of a delay in getting it done :( 
Miss anything? One of my friends recently moved to France, and another is working in the UK so I miss my girls nights out with them :( recently with stresses of work I really want a good night out and drinks :( 
Movement: A week ago baby stopped kicking :( I didn't get any kick for about 3 days. I rang the hospital to see if I needed to go in or go to my GP, the nurse advised at 27 weeks it's not something to be concerned about! I was very worried and then I felt baby move and I was ok! He's not kicking as often as he used to but his kicks are strong so I'm happy with that. 
Food cravings: this week I really want Mars bars and time out bars :) yum yum! I'm kind of going off Mars bars and only started wanting time outs :P I don't seem to crave anything though!?
Anything making you queasy or sick? No, I do have a bit of heartburn more recently. Nothing in particular sets it off but it's horrible :( I never used to get it before. 
Gender: it's a boy! Sometimes when I see cute girly dresses and tutus I want the baby to be a girl but I'm happy and excited that my boyfriend will have a mini him and a little buddy to pass on his gaming and comic obsession to ;) 
Labour signs: None, I've had an awful strong pain in my right side but after some tests done it appears to be normal pregnancy pains :( the pain has brought me to tears more than once, I can't walk sometimes when it gets really bad and I've almost fainted twice since getting this pain :( 
Symptoms: Emotional wreck, stress (I know I know it's bad), tired (from lack of sleep) and feeling huge!
Belly button in or out? In, and want it to stay in but it seems to be on the way out :( gross!
Swelling: I have had swelling in my hands and ankles! My fingers swell after sleeping and my ankles tingle and swell whenever! 
Happy or moody most of the time: I didn't think my moods had changed much from my normal self but I had some break down yesterday when I was accidentally hit in the knee with my hair dryer and then I hit myself in the chin with my iPad and started crying! Emotional wreck comes to mind ;) 
Looking forward to: Finishing up in work at the end of September! There's pros and cons to it, pro being I get to start getting the house ready for baby and relax at home. Con being I'll be unemployed with little income :( 

I have my glucose tolerance test on Tuesday (28 week checkup). Since 24 weeks my GP appointments are every 2 weeks, my next hospital appointment isn't until 32 weeks so I have 2 more GP appointments, then hospital, where I'm sure I'll be given lots of info to prepare for the birth! SCARY thought! Now that time is moving on I will probably do weekly updates as I'm sure my body is about to get a bit more hectic!! 

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