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Monday, February 10, 2014

Want to know more...

1. I'm growing my hair long for my wedding day (but I'm not engaged (yet)!).

2. It takes my hair a loooong time to grow!

3. I'm a very fussy eater so I find it hard to diet.

4. I blend pasta sauces before eating them because I
don't like the bits of onion and tomato!

5. I rarely use moisturiser and I'm very bad at skincare!

6. I miss my parents now that I live out of home!

7. I've had an epiphany of the importance of drinking water but I don't like water :(

8. I drink tea so I can have yummy biscuits (current obsession custard creams).

9. I rarely wear makeup during the day - I get up too late for work :(

10. I love putting my hair up in a top knot, my lazy go to hairstyle.

11. I love wearing fake tan but can never apply it 100% properly and it always comes off onto my clothes :(

12. I don't naturally tan easily - I have quite pale skin.

13. I have 3 tattoos and I have two more planned.

14. I don't like going out at the moment due to lack of body confidence! I don't mind going to work or friends house but other than that I just want to curl up and hide :(

15. I turn 25 this year but feel like I'm turning 55!

16. I go to the cinema way too often!

17. I've recently become obsessed with Baileys!

18. I think I suffer from depression or I'm overly hormonal :(

19. I love blogging but sometimes find it hard to find motivation due to lack of time or inspiration.

20. My boyfriend is my strength!

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