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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Online Dating - My Experience

Hey dolls,

There is a lot of taboo in the world about online dating (maybe not so much in the US, but in Ireland and the UK I think a lot of people have a perception of 'Oh no!'.

As some of you may or may not know I met my boyfriend of (almost) 3 years online. It all started when I was at a friend's 21st and someone advised me I should go on Plenty of Fish (aka POF). After talking to a few different men (apparently when you new to the site you get swarmed on!). Some were nice and seemed normal, some were CRAZY!! One guy offered to collect me from my house to go for a drive (I was 20, he was in his 30's), another guy kept asking for pervy pics (even when he found out his son had leukaemia he said it would make him feel better (creep!) and another guy wanted me to wear a puffy jacket with fur on the collar (the type knackers wear).

Needless to say, a lot of the guys did seem weird (obviously). I kept seeing at the top of the window this guy, I really wanted to send him an email and get chatting, but at this stage I had given up on the online dating and decided I was coming off the site in a few days! I said in my mind if it's meant to be he'll chat me, and he did! I was so happy (for what reason I don't know)! We were chatting about small stuff and I told him I was coming off the site and gave him my number if he wanted to keep chatting. So he text me! We had agreed to meet at Oxegen but plans changed and we met in person on July 21st at a shopping centre (I wanted to keep it public). I was so nervous wandering around waiting for him to come and needless to say he was an hour late! Don't think he heard first impressions are everything ;)

When he eventually arrived, he text me saying what he was wearing (A navy blue diesel t-shirt with yellow 'Diesel') so I'd recognise him! I remember thinking 'wow he's quite small' ;) haha. So we hugged and said hi, both so nervous and awkward, he had met a few people from online dating but he was my first! We strolled around the shops and talked to get to know each other better, we then left the shopping centre once we were more comfortable with each other and drove to Fitzgerald's Park. We strolled through the park, talked and got to know each other more, I told him some random stories because I was so nervous I couldn't stop talking! We walked near a roofed walk way, and it started to rain so we took shelter under the roof, so did a family with young children, this was the moment Dan was going to kiss me, but obviously as the family were there it would've been awkward! haha. So once the rain eased off, we headed for the car, we sat talking about our families and what our hobbies and interests were etc. Eventually it led to a kiss (amazing by the way) haha.

We got some lunch and looked around the city. Then he dropped me at the bus station and I went home. It was such a nice day out, I couldn't believe how nice and normal he was (compared to the other weirdo's online). I was glad I met a nice one! We text each other a lot and that weekend he invited me to his friend's 21st... from their the rest is history!

We are together 3 years on January 22nd (we were friend's for 6 month's first) and we couldn't be happier. We just moved in together on November 30th also so it's going swimmingly ;)

So if you are planning to go online to find the perfect man, pick through the weeds first and get to know them a bit because some are creeps but you don't know until you get talking to them more.

If you have any questions, just ask. Click here for some safe advise for online dating.

Lots of Love

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