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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Tattoos x2

Hi dolls,

So I took the week off as I had some holiday time to carry over from 2013. I decided tot kale this week off because it's my three year anniversary with Daniel today :) I'll do a post on it tomorrow and link it here and in the coming soon tab above! I'm lying in bed in a little bit of pain from sleeping awkwardly with my new tattoo! 

My friend of 10+ years Molly is a tattoo artist in Lose This Skin in Cork. She is very talented and is such an amazing artist! I gave Molly two pictures of the tattoos I wanted, she booked me in for yesterday Tuesday 21st and she had some sketches of designs for me to choose from! I wanted to get breathe under my left boob and a little heart on my left wrist! 

Molly started with the rib tattoo, and I must say it didn't hurt half as much as I was expecting it to! My body did flinch and jerk at some stages but that was body reacting but my mind it didn't hurt! So I got breathe with three birds curved under my left boob for my grandmothers... My moms mom drowned internally six years ago, she was unable to breathe! And my dad's mom suffered from Alzheimer's and the last day before she passed I suffered severe asthma attackes all day and around the time she passed I woke in the night gasping for air! At the moment my grandmother passed away she took one large breath and passed! I wanted to get a tattoo for both of them so I got this one :) 

The little heart on my wrist is just for me really, I love drawing hearts and it being my anniversary with the love of my life I saw it fitting! At the moment I am planning to get a tattoo for my boyfriend but nothing too mad, maybe the Disney D behind my ear :) 

The pictures I have of the tattoos are when the bandage cover came off and they weren't cleaned by me yet because I didn't want hem looking all greasy with bepanthen

These additions to my body make three tattoos! I posted about my first one when I got it back before my 21st, you can read about it and see a picture here.

Lots of Love

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