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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My 2014 New Year Resolutions

Hey doll,

So here goes, my New Years Resolutions for 2014. So we are currently some time into the new year but I haven't started my resolutions yet. I think it's important to start when your ready and organised rather than on day one of the year because your less likely to give up or fail on your goals. My resolutions will have follow up throughout the year on my blog.
Weight Loss
Number one on everyone's resolution list this year, I know, but it has been a goal of mine for a while now and time is crunching down, I'm getting older and my body won't 'bounce back' as quick as it would if I was young. I don't think I'm old, turning 25 this year, but it goes hand in hand with another resolution I have for 2014 (keep reading).

I will be posting updates on my weight loss for the year. You can watch my progress (or failure) on my instagram. Think positive ;)
Save for Florida
So if you follow me on twitter or instagram you know I'm going on holiday to Orlando, Florida in September with my boyfriend for our dream holiday. We've been planning this holiday for almost two years now and we just booked the hotel and flights before Christmas. We are so excited now and just want it to happen already but I don't want it to be over lol. 
Drink More Water
This is quite a popular resolution for people also. I really want to cut down on the amount of Diet Coke I drink... I drink like 2-3 cans a day and on days that I'm not in work could be more. It's so dangerous for my health and I really want to move to drinking more water. I know it's important in weight loss and it's important for my skin and overall health.
Healthy Body, Healthy Mind - Eat Healthier
Well this one goes hand in hand with the weight loss but I want to make better eating choices. Sometimes this is out of my control but I want to pick the apple over the tayto or chocolate. I plan to change portion sizes now that I live with my boyfriend who is a gym nut and knows what he will and won't eat for being healthy and I believe a big issue is portion size. So time to start monitoring this.
More Gyming
I moved in November and continued in my project weightless gym program until the first week of December. I held off joining the gym until January in case there was any special offer's! I still haven't joined but I do plan to do it soon. I will then be going to the gym every Monday and Wednesday like before and will progress to 3 times a week and so on.
Organise the House
The house is a major project I want to tackle for 2014. We have plans to extend but for obvious money reasons that won't be happening until after Florida. For now, I want to get heating in, new furniture (sofa bed, day bed, couch and armchair and kitchen table with chairs). We have two spare bedrooms with one being currently converted into a 'gaming room' for Daniel where he can put on display all his comic book collection and transformer figures, old consoles etc. Room two is known as Peg's room (because it was Dan's grandaunt Peg's bedroom before she passed away 4 years ago), we are now calling it 'The Crib', this is the spare bedroom where I will be putting the Ikea Hemnes Day Bed for guests and also the room that will eventually become a nursery for 'plan B (baby)'.
Relax More - Requested!!
So I've been requested by my boyfriend to relax more! Yes I get very caught up with anything I do, whether it's organizing a party or sorting small things in the house, I always get very caught up with it! I tend to freak out and give out so my point gets across the house needs to be organised and tidy to a certain standard. I say I'm OCD but have not been officially diagnosed!
Think Green - Sort the Garden
Our garden is quite big and a bit of a mess, it's very overgrown (not abandoned). But in Ireland when it rains it's hard to get out to cut the grass or de weed the garden or plant flowers. I did plant flowers last summer but they died! :( So I'm going to plant more all year round weather friendly plants ;)
Baby LushBlush - Baby Time!
So if you follow me on instagram you may have seen a picture hinting to this one, but myself and my boyfriend have been talking babies for a while now. I don't talk about it much with anyone else (for fear of getting judged), I do have close friend's I can tell but we'd rather not for now because of a few different reasons I won't get into. Once the dream holiday is over its onto baby planning, which I'm so excited about starting a new chapter in my life and I know I may be crazy for many reasons but I'm super broody, I feel it's time, my maternal clock has been ticking for some time now and my boyfriend is happy to welcome an extra member to our family so here goes... As I'm currently plus size, I need to lose up to 3 stone in order to have a healthy pregnancy so that is why weight loss is so important to me in 2014 so I can progress into the next step of welcoming life into our lives in a healthy way.

So that's it for my 2014 New Years Resolutions. You can see my last year's resolutions that all failed here! lol. If you have any advise please don't hesitate to comment below. If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all!

Lots of Love

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