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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"I'm yelling Timber..."

Hi doll,

My new years ever 2014 was the best I've had in a few years!! In 2010, I spend new years wallowing that I was single (1st year single in 4 years), the next year I ended up rushing my 'friend' to A&E (she didn't go in but vomited in my boyfriend's car on the way home) and last year I spent it with my boyfriend's friend's who were drunk and kept fecking off wherever and leaving us! This year was a major step up ;)

I had work until 5pm and once I got home washed my hair and headed to our friends John and Caroline's house. I got my side fringe trimmed (hense the wet hair). After that, Caroline's sister and family showed up and we got some chats and drinking in ;) The boys were in the sitting room, ladies in the kitchen and kids upstairs :)

We eventually swapped (before midnight), we moved the games console into the kitchen and us ladies moved into the sitting room. The Irish version of the 'ball drop' (lol) was on TV and we watched for a bit. Then Caroline's parents came in time for the clock to strike 12. It was so nice seeing every celebrating and excited for a year to be over and another beginning. When the TV counted down so did we, big cheers and 'Happy New Year' to everyone, we all hugged and laughed, it was so nice!
Me (with a goofy Santa hat) and Aisha

Me and Caroline
Daniel glued to the iPad
Me and boyfriend :)

Aisha and her cousins
John and the boys
Caroline, me and Sabrina
We had loads of finger food (delicious) and drinks. We danced the night away to whatever tune we could find on the music channels. It was so much fun and the song of the evening was Pitbull and Ke$ha's 'Timber' lol. My new years eve was definitely the right way to start off the year so I'm hoping it's a good one! I didn't get to spend it with all my loved ones but I did get to chat to everyone over the eve and day so was all good.
How was your new years eve? I hope you started the year off to a good start.

Lots of Love

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