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Friday, January 3, 2014

Exercise Equipment for the home

Hello Ladies,

Just to start off, I am not a gym instructor/trainer or in any way a gym pro. I started going to the gym in July of this year and from this I've learned how to use a lot of the equipment listed below and have learnt which equipment is useful to have at home, if you don't want to join a gym or if you don't have time to leave the home every day/every week due to other commitment's this post may be useful for you.

For most people the beginning of a new year is the time to set a goal to lose weight, be healthier (much like myself). It took me until July to get into my gym habit's but unfortunately the diet lacked! I lost approx. 4kg and am fitting into a size smaller jean! :) You will see my New Years resolutions post up soon (once I've chosen some realistic ones!). So to continue, here's the equipment I like to use and would have in my home:


I personally love working out using the stepper. At first it's a little scary because your not to look down! But they are such a good workout using the 'round the world' technique and stepping up and down on the step using the dumbbell weights doing arm crunches.

I know you could use your stairs at home but some steppers you can adjust the height so making it harder or easier. It's great!
Skipping Rope

I think the skipping rope is such a handy exercise tool to have at home, it's fun and something to grab when you have 15 minutes to exercise. A skipping rope is a great cardio workout and it great for working your arms and legs.

I understand it is hard to use the skipping rope sometimes and you may get tired doing it but thats the point! ;)

Exercise Ball

I was advised by my gym instructor to use the ball near a ball to do push ups, put your feet stable against the wall, push your body on the ball and do the push up movement with your hands behind your ears.

It is also a great exercise tool if you don't like doing floor work, you can do sit ups, push ups and get to teach yourself balance.

Recommended for every home ;)

Exercise Matt

The exercise matt is essential for any exercise regime involving floor work, the plank, push ups, sit ups, bridge, crunch, mountain climber's and for cooling down after an exercise.

These matts are also used for yoga and pilatte's exercises so whatever your into yourself.

Hula Hoop

Adding a bit of fun to any exercise the hula hoop is very handy to have, as you move your hips in circular motion you are working your core. It can also be used to work out your arms and legs.

Check out this article for some helpful exercise from Health.
Kettle Bells

My obsession (kind of)! I love using kettle bells, there is many exercises you can do with these bad boys! And while using them you are toning all of your body! They are great for arms especially, but be careful you don't hurt your wrist!

Some great workouts available online check out these exercises.
Dumbbell Weights

These are great to help banish bingo wings. You can use them in combined exercise with lunges and squats.

These a must have for any home to workout.
Shake Weight

I have one of these shake weight's and it has been sitting in the box for 6 months!! Very bad I know, I will start using this as part of my at home routine and will have a review on here once I've used it for a few months!

I'm not sure how to use it properly so must watch the DVD but looks fun ;)
Half Stability Ball (aka Bosu Ball)

I love using the half stability ball, this is great for core work and helps balance. I found this so fun when I used it in the gym.

Check out other exercise you can use this for here.

Lots of Love

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