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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Double Date - Double Anniversary

Hi Doll,

I just posted about our three year anniversary here. Last Night (Saturday) we went out for dinner with our bestie's Caroline and John. We went to the Texas Steakout restaurant in Limerick. We collected them from the Woodlands Hotel at 7.45pm and went straight to the restaurant, once again parking was a nightmare (worse because it was a Saturday night)! We had some amazing food, we all had starters and main course and Caroline and I had desert. The food was delicious and very nice. The restaurant was nicely decorated, with the bumpy floors I'd advise to be careful for women in heels ;)

I wore my black and white heart shirt with a black vest top underneath, black leggings and blue wedge heels (I didn't take any pics unfortunately). I wore diamand stud earrings, and a diamond bracelet.

My desert - Profiteroles
Sex on the Beach Cocktail
 We had some delicious cocktails with our dinner also. I had sex on the beach, Caroline had a fuzzy navel cocktail and a bailey's coffee, John had cider and Daniel doesn't drink so he settled for water!

After dinner we headed for the Cornstore Restaurant in Limerick for a drink (John's brother works there so he wanted to pop in and say hi). First, we popped into a different pub down the road.
Me, Daniel, Caroline and John
We went into the Cornstore and had these Berry Rosemary luxury cocktails! They are described as 'Rosemary infused Amaretto, fresh wild berries, fresh lime juice & cranberry juice'. As you can see the top of the cocktail is layered with fresh fruit. The drink was delicious but it was full of fruit bits (which I hate) so wasn't loving it too much! These cocktails cost €9.95.

We had a great night in the restaurant and the pubs! It's not too often we head out for dinner in the city :) There are a few restaurants we are looking at trying in the future :)

Lots of Love

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