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Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas Part 3: Gifts for Others

Hey doll,

So this is the last Christmas post of the three part series (finally). This post is about the gifts I got for others.

 The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter

I got this pressie for my bestie Sharon. I went into the body shop for the first time in ages in Dundrum Shopping Centre and saw the selection of body butters and really wanted to get one, when I saw the chocolate one I had to get it! She's not obsessed with chocolate or anything but who could resist chocolate body butter ;)
The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist

I got this for Sharon too. It's a face mist you can use straight on your face as a moisturising mist or you can put it on over makeup to help it last longer.
 The Body Shop Strawberry Gift Set

This set includes shower gel, moisturizer and a loufa. I thought it'd be a nice little addition to her christmas present and strawberry smells so good ;)
Kiehl's Strengthening and Hydrating Hair Oil-in-Cream

I saw this advertised on Xpose and took note of the product because it got high reviews. I really wanted to get it so got it for my bestie Sharon. I've asked her to let me know how it works out because I really want to pick it up for myself next time I'm in Dublin.

Disney Mickey Mug

I got this for myself in the Disney store ;) I never visit the Disney store without leaving with a mug!

I usually get tinkerbell mugs and would've gone for Minnie Mouse but I went for Mickey this time. It's a cute mug and use it all the time because it's big :D

Trim the Tree personalized decoration

I really wanted to get me and my boyfriend a personalised decoration for Christmas this year because it's our first Christmas living together. There was a stall in Jervis Shopping Centre with so many lovely decorations but I went with this one :)

Spiderman Figurine

I got my friend's son a spiderman figurine from Hamley's because he love's marvel characters, especially spiderman.
Iron Man 3 Figurine

I got this figurine for my cousin. He is also obsessed with Marvel so thought this big guy would be perfect!

Shower Gels

I got this shower gel set for both my friend's Salome and Sharon. It's so cute with each bottle having a different treat on it, macaroons, cupcakes etc.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Skull Premium T-Shirt

I got my boyfriend three t-shirts, this being one of them. He is an obsessed gamer and as Call of Duty is one of the main games out there at the moment I decided to get him this one. Also, I got him the original Call of Duty tshirt when it was out a few years ago.

I got this tshirt on Jinx.com. There tshirts are such good quality and it's such a good site for gaming lovers, men, women and children.
Here you can see all of the gifts Santa and I got for Daniel:

Ralph Lauren The Big Pony Collection for men in Number 1 Gift Set.
Galaxy share bar
Superman t-shirt
Grey 'fat-man' tracksuit pants
Nivea skincare and shower lotions
Gillette moisturizer
Gioteck RC1 Gaming Chair
Socks and boxers

The Walking Dead Herd T-Shirt

I also got this t-shirt for Dan from Jinx.com too. He loves The Walking Dead so when I saw the range of Walking Dead t-shirts I knew I should get one :)
Call of Duty: Ghosts Key Art Premium T-Shirt

This is the 3rd t-shirt I got for Daniel from Jinx.com. These tshirts are such good quality and he loves wearing them!
 Minnie Bowtique Dress Up Minnie

When I was in the Disney store I picked up this cute Minnie teddy doll you can dress into three outfits for my godduaghter and besties daughter Chloe. I also saw a super cut outfit so swapped with my mom, I got her the super cute outfit and mom got her this. It was pretty tough to change her outfits becaise Minnie's hands are so big ;)
Beer Bong

I got my brother this Beer Bong from a gadget store in Dundrum. I also part paid for his Xbox ONE he got for Christmas from mom and dad.

When I saw this I had to get it, when your in college and looking for one of these and you can never find one well here's one :)
Tinker Bell's House Playset

I got this super cute Tinkerbell house and figurine set for my goddaughter and cousin Jessica. I love Tinkerbell and I'm rubbing off on her because she does too ;)

Disney Christmas Decoration

I got this cute Christmas decoration in the Disney Store in Dublin. It's so cute, very first couple's Christmas but I got it for our tree because every Christmas I get a random decoration since we bought the tree! I need to start noting which one I got each year ;)

The cool thing about this decoaration is it has '2013' stitched in the back.
Doctor Who Tardis Teapot

I got this teapot for my sister in Forbidden Planet in Dublin. When I saw it it reminded me of her so I rang her to confirm she likes Dr. Who and got it straight away. It's so cool looking and very her ;)
Wow Magic Show Case

I got this Magic Set at a reduced cost for the purchases I made in Hamley's so picked it up. I didn't have anyone to give it to so my mom brought it to her work where they were collecting toys for charity to provide to children less fortunate.

The Pick Punch Set

I got my dad this pick punch set because he love's his guitars and I thought this would be something cool to occupy his time with. The delivery took ages and nearly didn't make it for Christmas, it was a close one! I think he liked it but he's not a very artsy craftsy person but he used it so that's the good thing ;)

This is the final part of my 2013 Christmas series. You can read part 1 about my Christmas here and part 2 what gifts I received here.

Coming this week is my New Years series ;)

Lots of Love

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