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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Part 2: Santa Came

Hey doll,

This is the 2nd of a 3 part mini blog series I'm doing about Christmas. This post is about what I received from 'Santa', my boyfriend, family and friends. If you want to read about my Christmas you can read about it here.

I posted a picture (above) of what I received on my Facebook, Instagram and other blog post but here is a more in-depth post on what I received:

 First up is the presents I received from my Boyfriend. He did quite well this year ;)

Babyliss Pro Conical Wand 25-13mm
I received this pink Babyliss Pro Conical Wand. I used it on Stephen's day, obviously I'm no pro (yet). I've always wanted a curling wand and finally I got one! I never told Dan I wanted one but he had a little fairy (my bff) do some digging ;)

The gloves are strange (only fit on the thumb and two fingers), I find them very impractical so don't use them. I love the curls and will definitely use this as often as possible. I loaned it to my boyfriend's sister for New Years Eve and she got a nasty burn! I usually put mine at 17-21 degrees as instructed for thick hair! 

Soap and Glory Bubble Barrelled
Soap and Glory Bubble Barrelled

This gift set includes mini-sizes of Clean on Me shower gel, Heel Genius foot cream, The Righteous Butter body butter, The Scrub of Your Life body buffer, Hand Food hand cream, Glad Hair Day daily shampoo and a headband.

I have so many soap and glory products but I really need to start ploughing through them or I'll have to throw them away because they will be 'gone off'.

Every year I love getting the large soap and glory gift set from Boots. I did not get the one last year or this year. I asked my family and boyfriend not to get me S&G products last year (2012) because I have so many and my boyfriend didn't listen and got me three gift sets! So it's now a little joke that he gets me S&G gift sets! I love the hand cream and plan to save these for my holiday this year.

The Redken gift set includes:
-Redken Colour Extend Magnetics Shampoo
-Redken Colour Extend Magnetics Conditioner
-Redken Quick Dry 18 Instant Finishing Spray
I haven't used these products yet but I will do a review once I've used them. My bff (the fairy mentioned above) is a hairdresser and when in the salon getting my hair done for her party I saw lots of Redken hair gift sets! I really wanted one so asked Daniel to get me one for Christmas. The fairy suggest I get this one and so before Christmas (last minute I think) and after a lot of reminders Dan got me this. I was so happy because I've heard good things about Redken and can't wait to use up my current shampoo and conditioner to try out these products. And it's pink... bonus! I will need to google the finishing spray because I've never used one before so will need to get some know how ;)

Soap and Glory Washful Thinking
Another Soap and Glory product, courtesy of Daniel ;)

As we just moved in together before Christmas and Dan knows how much of a freak I am... he got me this so I can put it in the bathroom for when guests call (not that we get many at the moment).

This hand duo gift set includes hand cream and hand wash. And if it's the hand cream I think it is then I can't wait to crack it open because everyone's hands will spell delicious :)

They come in a small silver holder.
Another gift chosen by my fairy bff but gifted to me from my boyfriend ;) This hair treatment I've used twice, your not to wash it out once applied to towel dried hair. I found it to be quite heavy on my hair so I will now being using a quarter of the usual amount ;)

It smells of coconuts (yummy). Not much more to comment on really, you can see from the image there are 10 real effects:

1. Repair for dry and damaged hair.

2. Shine and frizz control.
3. Heat protection.
4. Silkiness and smoothness.
5. Hair colour protection/with UVA and UVB filters.
6. Easier brushing and ironing.
7. Incredible detangling.
8. Long-lasting hairstyle.
9. Split ends prevention.
10. Adds body.

It comes in a spray bottle so easy to apply also.

Onto my stocking fillers :)

I heard on the radio the week before Christmas that Katy Perry's fourth studio album Prism was on sale for €10 (I think). I hinted to Daniel (basically told him I wanted it). I know CD's are out and music downloads are in but I love having CD's of artists I love listening to.

I haven't listened to it all yet but I love her ROAR and Unconditional songs so need to upload the CD to my iTunes, put on my iPod and listen to the tunes while exercising, at work or just while chilling at home some evening.

PS I really want to get Little Mix Salute album also.

Lindt chocolates

Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolates

Yum, yum and yum! I love love love lindt chocolates. They are so delicious and creamy and so indulgent! I will probably end up taking weeks to finish the entire box (because I'm selfish and want them all for me!!).

I normally bite into them with a nice cup of tea ;) These are by far my favourite chocolates of all time!!

Garnier Moisturiser
Garnier Moisture Match 24 Hour Revitalising Gel is one of my favourite moisturisers. It's so cool and refreshing.

I don't find it to be too built up or thick, it is light and airy and dries quick. My face normally doesn't look overly shiny either compared to some other moisturizers I've tried in recent years.

There are 5 moisturizers in the Garnier Moisture Match collection:
-Wake Me Up
-Protect & Glow
-Start Afresh
-Goodbye Dry...
-Shine Be Gone

I have only tried this one the Wake Me Up but am dying to try all of them. I will definitely be branching out to the other ones as soon as this one runs out... I think I want to try Protect & Glow and Start Afresh. I don't have dry skin so I don't think I should use the other ones.

Onto Family gifts:

If you follow me on Instagram you already know my parents absolutely spoilt me with a white iPad mini and a €25 iTunes voucher. My brother gave the screen protector and purple iPad case. 

My bro gave me his gift first and I was very confused because my boyfriend has the iPad 2 but these were for a mini and was a bit like WTF! Then my dad said oh might aswell give you our present... when I opened the wrapping I was speechless! My parents constantly give me so much I'm always spoilt and this was the cherry on top!! I couldn't believe they got me an iPad mini, they are pricey! I was so thankful for these pressies.

This is a €40 Urban Decay voucher from my sister. It includes a free makeover. She asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I asked for the new Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. At the time I didn't realize it wasn't out in Ireland until the 20th December. She ordered it for me online but didn't arrive before Christmas (or yet!). 

I am so thankful for this gift also, my sister hinted she ordered me something online but didn't tell me until Stephen's Day that she ordered me the palette I was so excited but loved the gift voucher too because there are some other UD products I want to try.

I received this necklace and earring set from my Aunt Uncle and two cousins (one of whom is my goddaughter). 

I love the earrings but the necklace isn't quite my style but I can think of a few outfits I would wear it with.

Up next is gifts from Friends and other loved ones...

I got these gifts from Daniel's sister, she gave me a Beauticology Candy Cane Small Bath Set, slipper fluffy sicks and lindt chocolate bears (yum). The bath set includes pink peppermint body lotion, strawberry swirl body butter and cherry scented bubbles. 

Beauticology Candy Cane Small Bath Set

 I got this super cute 'Pocket Perfection' lipgloss and nail varnish set from my BFF Caroline. Both have silver glitter. I haven't tried these yet but I love the glitter flecks in the varnish and love shiny lipglosses ;)

I also got this perfume, Amore Mio, from Caroline. The smell of this perfume is a little strong for my liking but it's a nice perfume.

I got this perfume last Christmas in a gift set from my boyfriend's mom too :)

I got the Best of Benefit from Caroline also. Love it! I love Benefit products and to get this set from her was so awesome! I haven't tried the cheek stain, concealer, primer or bronzer yet. I do have the full size mascara and highlighter. I'm so excited to try all these products as I've been wanting to but haven't yet!

One of the best presents of this Christmas.
This lovely Yankee Candle set is also from Caroline. It has four small candles, 2x Christmas Eve and 2x Snow in Love. The set also includes a glass holder. Love it! We both love Yankee Candles. I must add this to the collection and put away for next Christmas.

 I got this super cute little house tea light holder as a house warming/Christmas gift from my bestie Salome.

It is so cute and it proudly on display on my mantle piece. It's a little home for my home. So cute!!
 I got this Cocoa Butter set from my boyfriend's other sister Bethany. I'm going to be sooo smooth with all the skin care products I got! ;)

This set is from Boots Extracts. 
I got one of these Lynx Attract gift sets for Women from Daniel's parents. I love this deodrant and now I have the body wash too :)

Now, last of all (finally) is the gift's Santa got for me ;)

Santa was also kind enough to get me this Lynx gift set for women ;)

Katy Perry Killer Queen Perfume

I love the scent of this perfume, it's my ideal scent. I don't like the shape of the bottle because it can't stand up on it's own, I will need to lay it on it's side or keep it in the packaging.

The box and the bottle are super cute but I do wish there was a stand or something for the bottle ;)

The 5 pack of socks on the right are from Primark (aka Santa). They are so cute, the colours, designs are totally me :)
'Started with a Kiss' pyjamas

I love the colours of these pj's, love the lipstick prints on the pants ;) My new fave pj pants now have the synched in ankles because when your asleep they don't ride up your leg so you stay nice and cosy during the colder nights ;)
Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip

I haven't used this moisturizer yet but I'm super excited to find a way to keep my tan lasting longer and looking better after day 1! 
I am obsessed with miscellar water since I saw it being advertised on Xpose. I haven't used the moisturizer yet but if they do what they are advertised to do together then I'm super excited to have a fresh wake up look after a heavy night on the drink ;)

I now use miscellar water all the time, they replace my face wipes I used out of laziness. I would seriously recommend using miscellar water as it is a really great product and is gentle on skin.

Clinique Party Favours Gift Set

This set includes:

-All About Eyes
-Limited Edition All About Shadow Compact in Crystal Pink, Hazy, Raspberry Beret and Chocolate Covered Cherry
-Quickliner for Eyes Intense Black Honey
-Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour in Roundest Raspberry
-A Different Nail Enamel for Sensitive Skins in Cosmo Chic
-Clinique High Impact Mascara

I love the chubby stick, will definitely be buying more shades! The mascara is really natural and nice looking, also doesn't clump. The eyeliner really suits my blue eyes too. The quad palette comes with instructions on a look that can be recreated with the shades provided.

And that is all for my extremely long post which I apologize for. Hope you enjoyed reading and if you want any reviews don't hesitate to ask ;)

Lots of Love

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