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Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Part 1: My Christmas

Hey doll,

I know you've probably read twenty plus Christmas posts about Christmas Day and hauls, well I'm doing a three part series of my Christmas day, Christmas haul and Christmas pressies for others! I apologize now for the amount of pictures ;-)

Christmas Eve I had work from 8.30am to 5pm. I couldn't wait to get home, when I eventually did, I got changed put some makeup on and headed to our friends John and Caroline's house. I went to mass with Caroline and her two children while the boyfriends stayed at gaming!! After mass we headed to the pub for a drink, it was so cold out!! When we got back to the house, the kids opened some pj's from their nan and we headed home so the kids could get to sleep for Santa's arrival. When we got home Daniel (boyfriend) went to bed and Santa arrived ;)

When I woke up Dan was wide awake buzzing to know if Santa had come and was bursting with excitement and wanted to get downstairs! So I went downstairs turned on the light in the sitting room, turned on the Christmas lights. I gave Dan the all clear to come downstairs... I wanted to make this Christmas special because it was our first one waking up together and our first living together.

1st Christmas living together
Dan's 'reaction' to Santa's gifts
When we got downstairs this is what greeted us, some nicely wrapped gifts with a stocking full of goodies. I will have descriptions of what I got in Part 2!

My Santa gifts
Dan's Santa gifts
Unwrapping gifts
My goodies (individual pics below)

Daniel's gifts from Santa and his loving girlfriend:
Walking dead and 2 Call of Duty Ghosts tshirts from Jinx.com, Superman t-shirt and grey 'fatman' pants from Dunnes Stores, Giant 'sharing' galazy bar, sports socks and boxers, Ralph Lauren Number One gift set, Bean bag gaming chair, Nivea moisturizer, shower loufa, Nivea shower grls and of course the big LG 3D HD TV.

Finally gets to open it!
 After opening all our gifts I got ready for the day, I put my hair in a bun and did my makeup as below:

I drove to my parents house for Christmas dinner (can't give up Mom's Christmas dinner just yet). Daniel went to his parent's for dinner. When I arrived my brother gave me my Christmas present which ended up being an iPad mini Maroo cover in PORO, a screen protector and a €25 iTunes voucher. I couldn't understand, I didn't own an iPad mini! Dad then said he'd better give me my present from my parents so he handed me a wrapped gift which ended up being a white iPad mini engraved with my name on the back! I was so confused and so happy and overwhelmed my reaction was 'you should've told me not to wear makeup' haha.

To see the gifts I got for friend's and family come back here Friday (10th) and I will have the post available.

After swapping gifts, me and my dad headed off to visit my cousins (and goddaughter) to give them their pressies. They got spoilt rotten again this Christmas. Santa was very good to them. They got everything from figurines of their favorite characters, to makeup sets, pajamas, magic sets, dvd's, games, dolls, tablets... loads!! We left there and went to my grandparent's grave (it's a tradition for a few years), we lay a wreath at my grandparents grave and my dad's uncle's.

When we got home dinner was almost done, I had some chat time with my brother and then dinner was ready! Yum!! I didn't take a pic of the food because I couldn't wait to hound into it ;)

Me and my brother

My parents
Christmas decor at home
OOTD by the tree
Me and mom

Me and brother
Me and dad
 After dinner and some movie time, I travelled back to Limerick and went to Dan's parents house, we chatted and watched some TV and stuffed our faces with some chocolate. Me and Dan headed home, watched a movie and off to bed.

Stephen's day:

I traveled home with Daniel for some more dinner and family time. We watched some Harry Potter and had another amazingly cooked dinner by momma Williams. My sister spent Christmas at her boyfriend's parents house so we all got together Stephen's day instead. As some of you Irish readers know it was severely dangerous weather Stephen's Day but we decided to head home, Dan drove, and it was pretty scary with tree's down in the middle of the road and terential rain, we made it home thank god but it was so scary and dangerous!

 OOTD - blue shirt/primark, dark jeggings/new look, fluffy white and black striped cardigan/new look, leapard print ugg boots/primark - hair curled with new curling wand
me and my sister
That's my Christmas and a bit of Stephen's day. Nothing too exciting but it was nice to spend some time with family, both mine and Daniel's. It was Daniel's sisters first time being home for Christmas in 3 years so it was important for him to go home for Christmas dinner :) That's it for part 1, I've been chattering on for about an hour and half so best leave you with this ;)

Go here for 'Part 2 : Santa and family were good to me!' on Wednesday 8th January!!

Lots of Love

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