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Monday, January 27, 2014

Giveaway Anyone? - Coming Soon (POSTPONED)

Hey doll,

I'm planning a new giveaway! I only did one other giveaway when my blog reached 1 year old. It wasn't the greatest giveaway but I had lots of entries a lovely reader and great former blogger, Lorraine Garcia (@luhreyn), won. I'm not 100% sure what it will include but I am planning away getting inspiration in numerous places and websites! The giveaway will be at the end of February or early March (once I physically have the prizes) so keep an eye out here on my blog or my twitter @lushblush21

This giveaway will include brands like Khroma Beauty (Kardashian make up range), Balmi, Tweezerman, Butter London, Sleek, Cocoa Brown and some more goodies. (The named brands are not 100% confirmed yet but I will have definitely some of these goodies for grabs!)

I may do a double giveaway so there will be two winners, a main prize and a mini one. Or a main prize and a few mini ones! Let me know which you'd prefer in the comments :)

Keep in mind there will be a few rules to follow (not tough or anything) and the competition will be open internationally so wherever you live there is no restriction.

Tell your friends ;)

Lots of Love

UPDATE: postponed until further notice - budget tightened due to holidays and other upcoming expenses!! 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Project Weightloss

Hi Doll,

I joined the gym on Tuesday, but got two new two tattoo's and couldn't wear a bra for a few days so no gym for me!

I'm back to work tomorrow after a few days off so I'm going to be going to the gym straight after work. Back to the hard work! I'm glad to be going back to a routine because I will feel better and healthier and fitter!

Lots of Love

Catch up with The Saturdays

Hi Doll

Ages ago I posted about The Saturdays Una and Rochelle's wedding's here. In that post I was wondering who would be getting married next, Frankie, Molly or Vanessa.

Since that post, Una had a baby girl Aoife Belle, Rochelle had a baby girl Alaia-Mai and Frankie had a baby boy Parker.
Una, hubby Ben Foden and baby Aoife Belle
Aoife Belle was born on Tuesday 13th March, 2012.

Hubby former JLS member Marvin Humes, baby Alaia-Mai and Rochelle
Alaia-Mai was born on Monday 20th May, 2013.
Frankie, baby Parker and footballer fiance Wayne Bridge
The first boy born into The Saturdays's family, Parker, was born Friday 18th October, 2013.

Weirdly, about two weeks ago I was cleaning with a music channel on TV in the background and the S Club Juniors songs came on (the band Rochelle and Frankie were in as kids). Being a huge fan of theirs in the younger years I looked up the band members on twitter and instagram! I found out that 4 of the 5 girls of the band all have children or are expecting! How weird!

l-r: Daisy, Stacey, Aaron, Calvin, Hannah, Frankie, Rochelle and Jay
Daisy Evans with Fiance Jonjo Shelvey expecting a baby together
Picture from Twitter
Hannah Richings with her baby girl Poppy and boy Finlay
Picture from Twitter
Stacey McClean - currently final girl in S Club Juniors
not with expecting or has a baby
Picture from Twitter
Lots of Love

Double Date - Double Anniversary

Hi Doll,

I just posted about our three year anniversary here. Last Night (Saturday) we went out for dinner with our bestie's Caroline and John. We went to the Texas Steakout restaurant in Limerick. We collected them from the Woodlands Hotel at 7.45pm and went straight to the restaurant, once again parking was a nightmare (worse because it was a Saturday night)! We had some amazing food, we all had starters and main course and Caroline and I had desert. The food was delicious and very nice. The restaurant was nicely decorated, with the bumpy floors I'd advise to be careful for women in heels ;)

I wore my black and white heart shirt with a black vest top underneath, black leggings and blue wedge heels (I didn't take any pics unfortunately). I wore diamand stud earrings, and a diamond bracelet.

My desert - Profiteroles
Sex on the Beach Cocktail
 We had some delicious cocktails with our dinner also. I had sex on the beach, Caroline had a fuzzy navel cocktail and a bailey's coffee, John had cider and Daniel doesn't drink so he settled for water!

After dinner we headed for the Cornstore Restaurant in Limerick for a drink (John's brother works there so he wanted to pop in and say hi). First, we popped into a different pub down the road.
Me, Daniel, Caroline and John
We went into the Cornstore and had these Berry Rosemary luxury cocktails! They are described as 'Rosemary infused Amaretto, fresh wild berries, fresh lime juice & cranberry juice'. As you can see the top of the cocktail is layered with fresh fruit. The drink was delicious but it was full of fruit bits (which I hate) so wasn't loving it too much! These cocktails cost €9.95.

We had a great night in the restaurant and the pubs! It's not too often we head out for dinner in the city :) There are a few restaurants we are looking at trying in the future :)

Lots of Love

Three Year Anniversary

Hi doll,

So Wednesday 22nd January was my 3 year anniversary with Daniel (boyfriend). As I had booked the week off work, we had a reservation for Jasmine Palace, a chinese restaurant in Limerick. Dan drove into the city, parking was a nightmare so we just made it on time for our reservation. We had starters, main course and desert. The restaurant has changed inside, they have a new buffet area where the waiting bar area used to be! The interior decor in the restaurant is amazing, such nice ambiance! I find some of the staff in there to be a bit stuck up but it is a nice restaurant and we enjoy the food a lot.

Me and Daniel before leaving for dinner
I wore my navy body con ruched navy dress from New Look with pink suede wedge heels and a pink blazer. I also wore gold trim pink earrings. I curled my hair using my new babyliss curling wand.

The makeup products I used are:
Foundation - Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid in 10 (ivory)
Under Eye Concealer - Maybelline Fit Me! Shine Free Foundation in 115 (ivory)
Powder - Maybelline Fit Me! Pressed Powder in 115 (ivory)
Blusher - Benefit Box-O-Powder in Coralista
Bronzer - Benefit Box-O-Powder in 10 (bronzer only)

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
Base Colour - Buzz
Crease Colour - Liar
Crease & Liner Colour - Blackheart
Highlight Colour -  Dust
Upper Lashes - Clinique Mascara
Lower Lashes - Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Benefit Brow Zings in Medium
Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara

Benefit Cupids Bow
Revlon Lipstick in Pink Pout

For my eyes I used Joanne Larby (The Make Up Fairy's) Naked 3 tutorial. (watch here on YouTube). I got a shout out on her Facebook page and her instagram for trying out her look! :D

More photo's from the evening...

I loved the flower in the bowl - so pretty
Daniel in front of the amazing wall
Me by the amazing wall
Daniel's desert - sticky toffee pudding
My desert - scoop of chocolate and vanilla ice cream

We were planning to go to the cinema but we weren't too pushed to see any of the movies currently out so we came home and watched a movie on the couch in our pj's instead.

Lots of Love

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Tattoos x2

Hi dolls,

So I took the week off as I had some holiday time to carry over from 2013. I decided tot kale this week off because it's my three year anniversary with Daniel today :) I'll do a post on it tomorrow and link it here and in the coming soon tab above! I'm lying in bed in a little bit of pain from sleeping awkwardly with my new tattoo! 

My friend of 10+ years Molly is a tattoo artist in Lose This Skin in Cork. She is very talented and is such an amazing artist! I gave Molly two pictures of the tattoos I wanted, she booked me in for yesterday Tuesday 21st and she had some sketches of designs for me to choose from! I wanted to get breathe under my left boob and a little heart on my left wrist! 

Molly started with the rib tattoo, and I must say it didn't hurt half as much as I was expecting it to! My body did flinch and jerk at some stages but that was body reacting but my mind it didn't hurt! So I got breathe with three birds curved under my left boob for my grandmothers... My moms mom drowned internally six years ago, she was unable to breathe! And my dad's mom suffered from Alzheimer's and the last day before she passed I suffered severe asthma attackes all day and around the time she passed I woke in the night gasping for air! At the moment my grandmother passed away she took one large breath and passed! I wanted to get a tattoo for both of them so I got this one :) 

The little heart on my wrist is just for me really, I love drawing hearts and it being my anniversary with the love of my life I saw it fitting! At the moment I am planning to get a tattoo for my boyfriend but nothing too mad, maybe the Disney D behind my ear :) 

The pictures I have of the tattoos are when the bandage cover came off and they weren't cleaned by me yet because I didn't want hem looking all greasy with bepanthen

These additions to my body make three tattoos! I posted about my first one when I got it back before my 21st, you can read about it and see a picture here.

Lots of Love

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Online Dating - My Experience

Hey dolls,

There is a lot of taboo in the world about online dating (maybe not so much in the US, but in Ireland and the UK I think a lot of people have a perception of 'Oh no!'.

As some of you may or may not know I met my boyfriend of (almost) 3 years online. It all started when I was at a friend's 21st and someone advised me I should go on Plenty of Fish (aka POF). After talking to a few different men (apparently when you new to the site you get swarmed on!). Some were nice and seemed normal, some were CRAZY!! One guy offered to collect me from my house to go for a drive (I was 20, he was in his 30's), another guy kept asking for pervy pics (even when he found out his son had leukaemia he said it would make him feel better (creep!) and another guy wanted me to wear a puffy jacket with fur on the collar (the type knackers wear).

Needless to say, a lot of the guys did seem weird (obviously). I kept seeing at the top of the window this guy, I really wanted to send him an email and get chatting, but at this stage I had given up on the online dating and decided I was coming off the site in a few days! I said in my mind if it's meant to be he'll chat me, and he did! I was so happy (for what reason I don't know)! We were chatting about small stuff and I told him I was coming off the site and gave him my number if he wanted to keep chatting. So he text me! We had agreed to meet at Oxegen but plans changed and we met in person on July 21st at a shopping centre (I wanted to keep it public). I was so nervous wandering around waiting for him to come and needless to say he was an hour late! Don't think he heard first impressions are everything ;)

When he eventually arrived, he text me saying what he was wearing (A navy blue diesel t-shirt with yellow 'Diesel') so I'd recognise him! I remember thinking 'wow he's quite small' ;) haha. So we hugged and said hi, both so nervous and awkward, he had met a few people from online dating but he was my first! We strolled around the shops and talked to get to know each other better, we then left the shopping centre once we were more comfortable with each other and drove to Fitzgerald's Park. We strolled through the park, talked and got to know each other more, I told him some random stories because I was so nervous I couldn't stop talking! We walked near a roofed walk way, and it started to rain so we took shelter under the roof, so did a family with young children, this was the moment Dan was going to kiss me, but obviously as the family were there it would've been awkward! haha. So once the rain eased off, we headed for the car, we sat talking about our families and what our hobbies and interests were etc. Eventually it led to a kiss (amazing by the way) haha.

We got some lunch and looked around the city. Then he dropped me at the bus station and I went home. It was such a nice day out, I couldn't believe how nice and normal he was (compared to the other weirdo's online). I was glad I met a nice one! We text each other a lot and that weekend he invited me to his friend's 21st... from their the rest is history!

We are together 3 years on January 22nd (we were friend's for 6 month's first) and we couldn't be happier. We just moved in together on November 30th also so it's going swimmingly ;)

So if you are planning to go online to find the perfect man, pick through the weeds first and get to know them a bit because some are creeps but you don't know until you get talking to them more.

If you have any questions, just ask. Click here for some safe advise for online dating.

Lots of Love

Monday, January 20, 2014

2013 Highs and highs..

Hi doll,

I'm going to apologise in advance at how picture heavy this post is! It's always nice to look back and pictures (and posts) and remember the memories ;) I did a breakdown of the highlights of my year by month! When I thought about my 2013 originally I thought oh great my year was shit! Nothing amazing or nothing stood out to me, then when I went back through Facebook and pulled these pics I got reminded of the wonderful year I had altogether. I may not have gone wild, or gone partying or drinking every weekend or seen my girls that often (when I did it was great, but there's rarely a camera around these days)!

January was the month I had my 2 year anniversary with my boyfriend. I had taken a few days off work so spent them at my boyfriend's house. When he came home from work the picture above shows what was waiting for him when he came in. I filled the photo album with all pictures of our adventures of the previous 2 and half years (together 2 years and friends for 6 months prior). Our anniversary is kind of 2 days 21st and 22nd but we go with the 22nd because that's when it was 'official' (according to Facebook lol).
[Writing this reminds me I need to print 2013 pics and add it to the collection.]


Nothing 'crazy' happened in February. I had a lovely Valentine's day this month, same as previous years, Eddie Rockets and the cinema in Blackpool.

In March one of my friend's, Natalie, turned 21. She had a party in her local pub in Carrigaline. I was quite sick (with an enflamed trachea) and hyped up on meds so couldn't drink alcohol! It was a good, entertaining and funny night, this was also the night my college friend's got to meet Daniel properly for the first time!


I visited my best friend and her daughter around easter time to drop off some easter eggs and have a catch up. We went for a walk near the beach (watched some surfers ;)) and had a nice weekend together. Chloe was so grown up compared to Christmas (the last time I saw her before this).

I also passed my driving test in April, I was so nervous but passed the first time so I was ecstatic!! At this stage I was driving mom's car everywhere but didn't venture out too much! My goddaughter and cousin Jessica turned 5 this month, she is such a little cutie (and suck up ;))! She is very like me in many ways and it's lovely getting to see her grow into such a madam ;)


Beginning of summer and beginning of madness ;) May is the birthday month for me, I have 4 friend's birthday's, my sister's and my boyfriend's all within this month so it's a tight the funds month!  We went out for Daniel's birthday as a casual night out in Newcastle West with some chummies (sorry Louise Sprinkle of Glitter, it seemed fitting to rob this word here ;)). As you can see from pics below we had a great fun night out. Funnily enough we didn't stay out too long!!
Me and Caroline goofing around!
The Girls - (l-r) Jeananne, Natalie, Caroline and Me
The Boys - (l-r) Declan, Daniel, Richard, Ronan and John
Me and the 'birthday boy' poser!

My family and extended all went to Kinsale for a 'Gathering' as 2013 was the year of the gathering in Ireland my dad organised for family from the UK to come visit. You can read my post about it here.
Me and my dad
On June 9th, my bestie Caroline and I completed a 10km Pink Ribbon Walk for Breast Cancer. I have to admit this is one of the biggest achievements for me, as a plus size unfit woman, we completed the 10km walk in just over 2 hours and got medals and some free food and drink afterwards! I would recommend women (men and children) all over Ireland to find your nearest walk and take part, it was so much fun. The day we took part was one of the hottest days in Ireland so I'm super proud of us for achieving this and completing the walk even though we wanted to give up a few times ;)


I turned 24 in July! I brought my bestie down from Sligo and had a few days together of touring Cork (now that I can drive) and we headed on a night out. The night out went from good to bad to worse to good again! It was good fun out together even though it caused some unnecessary drama and I ended up losing a (so-called) best friend after my birthday! (not pictured).

Daniel, Birthday girl Me and Sharon - don't worry I changed my hair after this! :P
The day after my birthday night out we went for a drive to Passage West where my bestie Sharon used to live before she moved to Sligo!
Quiet as a cucumber! - Sharon, Salome and Me

In July, the next weekend we went to a BBQ at Caroline and John's! They couldn't come out in Cork for my birthday so we had another celebration the next week. There was so much food and plenty of drink flowing! We had a good night :)

Me and Caroline
Me and Aisha
As I mentioned above, I lost a friend this month! I'm not bothered as I don't find myself reaching for the phone to contact her or feel the need to try to get back friend's with her. She was a good friend and was old enough and a friend for long enough to realise when I'm not in a good mood or need my own space and to call me with such an attitude. I guess we all learn who our real lifelong friend's are over time!


In August my parent's bought me a Peugeot 207 from Johnson & Perrott in Mahon Point, Cork. I went to view the car and the next week I had it in the driveway! It's silver with red and black seats. I don't know why I didn't blog about about this last year!! I did post on twitter and instagram! Anyway, I got this car, the red Renault Clio I used to drive was my mom's now my sister's! I'm so happy and spoilt but so thankful! This is the reason I was able to move to Limerick. My brother also passed his driving test in 2013 so he got his own car and we no longer needed to share Mom's clio!

We attended more BBQ's at Caroline and John's :) Loads of burger's, sausages, chicken, drinks... :)


In September we went to Youghal for my Mom's birthday! Her birthday is in November but she wanted to still have some normal weather! My parent's, sister and her boyfriend, brother and his friend, Daniel and I all went to Youghal. We stayed in the Carlton Village in a self catering apartment (I stayed here years ago when I was around 14 with friend's from school!). We went to the town every evening for dinner, and spent the day time in the complex playing tennis, football and we wandered to the beach for a walk and some games too. Overall it was a nice trip, of course I was Miss Diva as usual!
Me and my momma
(Paul) Me and Daniel (my Brother Damian) - Pretty good photo bomb!
Me and my older sister Aileen
On 20th September, Daniel and I went to Sligo for the weekend as it was my goddaughter's 2nd birthday! As I missed her first one it was really important for me to be there to celebrate! Chloe's mommy and my bestie Sharon organised a lovely party at the house with all her family and friends. Chloe was spoilt with lots of books, toys and clothes.
Chloe eating some cake
Presents from Mommy and Daddy
Chloe and Mommy
On my way to Sligo I often see this transformer truck and so when I was heading home I stopped so Dan could take some pics ;)
Dan and his transformer obsession shining :P

My mom turned a big mile stone age this month! If I tell you her age I may never post again ;) We had some take out and cake. My sister was travelling to Australia for a wedding at the time so we had a family dinner at Christmas for both tradition and mom's birthday.

This month was also Caroline's 30th. This was being planned for months and months and it came and went so quickly but was such a fun night. The party was held at the Woodlands House Hotel in Adare, Limerick. We all stayed in the hotel that night. The party was held in a private room, we had champagne with frozen raspberries on entry to the room and the room was decorated with balloons, confetti and candles.

We had such a good night. We all had breakfast in the hotel in the morning and when we went to take our stuff away from the private room there was 5 candle holders missing! All the same style! We had 5 small silver mirrored candles and 5 large clear glass with diamond details. The 5 mirrored candle holders were stolen from the room! We were not impressed with the service from the hotel staff in an effort to assist us! They sent my friend a very unapologetic email to advise it was not their fault or their staff and sent her voucher for a one night stay in the hotel! (which is ridiculous as we live 20 minutes down the road!). They also popped all the balloons including the foil expensive one's that she received as a gift and gave her back the small tier of her cake which she requested be cut up for guests so she could take the bigger tier home!! This isn't the first time I've heard the hotel staff advise you can take the stuff in the morning and it's gone missing!! Not impressed!

On 30th November I finally moved in with my boyfriend! As he lived alone it was perfect and hassle free (for him)! I commute an hour to and from work Monday to Friday! He asked me to move in with him the first week of May 2012 and it took a year and half to finally happen! I put a lot on hold waiting to move, blogging, meeting with friends, buying new things etc.


I had the best Christmas by far this year, even though it was stressful and packed full of stuff to do and I felt very disorganised, I had a great Christmas! Caught up with a lot of friend's, went shopping in Dublin, saw my bestie and goddaughter in Sligo and woke up Christmas morning with the love of my life :) And I was spoilt ;) You can read about my Christmas here and see what I got here.

In 2013 I...

became obsessed with...

Eating cupcakes! YUM!

99 Ice Cream Cones - so good!!

Homemade pizza! - delicious!!

Munching on Saturday nights at our besties house

Wagamama's Chicken Katsu Curry! - Oh mi gg the best!!

Lots of Love