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Monday, July 22, 2013

Frustrated... Short & 'Sweet'

Hey dolls,

Just a quick post to air my frustration...

So I'm still in the process of looking for work near my boyfriend so we can finally move in together! This isn't exactly how I pictured moving in with someone for the first time!! #boyfriend #nextstep

I've more all my makeup to his house now so will do a Talia Costellano inspired post over the weekend and a birthday haul :) you can view pics of some of my birthday presents if not all on Instagram (username: lushblush21). #upcomingposts

It's been a pretty sad week with all the people passing away... Cory Monteith, Talia Costellano (@Taliajoy18) and my childhood hairdresser who was buried today! #RIP

I've decided to start buying more high end makeup brands but will need to hold off a little while before I buy anything new! #expensive #highendmakeup 

I'm currently taking part in Project Weightloss, a 12 week program which helps in overall weight loss and nutrition! The workouts are twice a week and so intense!! Must keep motivated, it's hard hen your muscles ache :( I'm not buying any new clothes until I lose a dress size or more weight because its a bit annoying how full my wardrobe is with trying to lose weight!! #weightloss #projectweightloss

I'm mad saving for Florida atm too so Christmas will be a tight one I'd say! I'm considering getting a second job part time for a few months coming up to Christmas.#Florida

That's it for now!

Lots of love

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  1. Loving the blog! Best of luck with the program need to get my ass in gear too!


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