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Friday, June 21, 2013

My Irish Family Gathering

Hey Dolls,

Long time no blog!! So in recent weeks I've been pretty busy every weekend between nights out, trying to get my boyfriends house in order (before moving) and my dad's Irish Gathering.

So 2013 is the year of the Irish Gathering (see here for more information about Irish Gathering). My dad and 2 of his cousins all turn the big 5.0. this year so wanted to gather the family together to celebrate. 

The Williams Irish Gathering began on 7th June. We had unreal weather, it was 21+ degrees! Half of our relatives from the UK came over early on Friday morning. I had to work Friday so joined them later down in Kinsale. I got there at around 5pm because I got stuck behind a tractor (common in Ireland during good weather days).

So when I arrived I was pretty baked as you can imagine being stuck in a car for an hour behind a slow tractor in the heat and wearing work clothes. So when I arrived I got changed into a yellow vest top from Penneys (Primark), jeggings, tan/brown sandals from Penneys (Primark) and threw my hair up and I'm makeup free.

Outfit Day 1

Me and Daniel (boyfriend) on Day 1
So I unpacked a little when I first got there as Friday was a very stressful day I needed to relax and somehow slightly unpacking kind of helped! So I unpacked my shoes (which I forgot at home and my sister had to go get for me!!). I brought 7 pairs of shoes with me for 2 days (how ridiculous)! Starting left to right:
Green mint sandals, brown/tan sandals, pink glitter stud sandals (all from Penneys), pink studded flats from New Look, Studded ankle boots from Kelly Brooks collection in New Look, Red heels from New Look, and my puma trainers.

Fresh faced
After sorting out my room etc. we went out to join the family. We just chilled out the front of the houses we were staying in. My brother, boyfriend, dad's cousins and my uncle all kicked around a football while us ladies chilled in the sun with a beverage (mine was Bacardi Breezer whil the others had wine). We stayed in the accommodation for our dinner. That night dad and my uncle brought out the guitars and had an ole sing song. I was pretty wrecked so didn't stay up too late.

Day 2 I woke up a bit fresher than I felt on Friday. I wasn't sure what the plan for the day was because I heard some people wanted to head for the beach and some wanted to head for the Rugby match in a pub. So my OOTM (outfit of the morning) was this purple and pinkish red flowery top with dark jean shorts. I wore my pink sandals with this outift.

My FOTD consists of my most used products:
Urban Decay Naked Palette (buck in the crease) and Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette (flow on the lid), Rimmel Brown Pencil, Smashbox full exposure mascara, Benefit Hervana blush and lipgloss I can't remember :(

We went to the beach (can't help but think of Nicki Minaj when the beach is mentioned ;)). Half of us went to the beach the other half went to the pub to watch a rugby match. Below you can see what I wore to the beach... a black swimsuit from penneys (which wasn't flattering to my lady friends on top) but it has support so sucked it all in a little ;)

Below are a few random pics from Inchidonny beach :)

Snow white nose hehe

Me and Daniel - I'm looking kind of topless but as you can see I had bad tan lines from work so needed to have no straps to get rid of them! (it didn't work)

My older sissy chilling on the beach :)

My younger (but taller) bro chilling in his blue tshirt next to my sister's boyfriend

Me and mom rocking some skin to get a bit of colour!

Me and lover boy :)

My outfit for leaving the beach (dip hem top from penneys and shorts from Inspire in New Look).

When we got back from the beach we were in panic mode to get showered/changed for dinner. We went to Jim Edwards Seafood Restaurant in Kinsale. I wasn't impressed it was a seafood restaurant because I'm not a huge fan of food from the sea so I got a steak and it was delicious! Everyone enjoyed their food and after we headed to a pub up the road for some drinks. We played pool in the pub with our english cousins and everyone chatted into the late/early hours.

My top is from dunnes stores (in Ireland) and I wore jeggings and my tan sandals.
Me and my Dad (picture taken by 8 year old on an iPhone)

My boyfriend and I left the pub around 11pm to go pack for the road back to Limerick as I had my 10km Pink Ribbon Walk in Killaloe on Sunday 9th June. I will be doing a post on the walk very soon so watch this space. I will link it here and post link on twitter once it is complete!

Thanks for reading :)

Lots of Love

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