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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Drama Queen: Not Leaving the Blog World!!

Hey dolls,

I know I recently posted I was leaving the blogging world but in reality I think I was having a self pity party! I see other bloggers getting lots of comments/feedback/attention on their blogs but I do know they put in a lot more work than I do so I got jealous!! Also, I haven't blogged properly in so long because around this time last week (so a year ago) my boyfriend asked me to move in and I still haven't! Not because I don't want to, not ready or don't love him.... I haven't moved in because he lives an hour away in Limerick and I work in Cork so I couldn't move in until I got my driving licence (which I now have since March 14th), and I'm working here in Cork so can't move yet... nothing would make me happier than living with him and seeing him everyday and I know it sounds like excuse after excuse but it's a lot easier to judge than be in the situation!

So loooong story short I'm still blogging but it's just on hold!! I will post but not on a regular basis just yet until I sort my confusing life out!!

Thank you all for understanding.

Thank you @milkymoles for your lovely comment on my previous post :) xx

Lots of Love


  1. Just remember a lot of people read but don't comment. Glad you feel more positive xxx Rose

  2. I read and enjoy your blog.JUst never comment.Keep them up!!


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