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Monday, March 11, 2013

How do you do it?

Hey dolls,

I think at the tender age of 23 and half I'm having a mid life crisis! I can't stand this bloody recession! I know everyone feels the same! I'm just so sick of everything! My job is temporary (yes I'm lucky to have a job) but at the same time I'm working my ass off to give myself the best chance of maybe being offer something or even for future jobs elsewhere!

Apart from me having a temp job that's not paying too great for all the growing responsibility I'm getting, my boyfriends contract is ending soon too! S as you can imagine finance is pretty tight!

With finance tight, we can't go on our dream holiday to Florida, we can't move onto 'plan B', defo no ring on my finger for a few years (even though I would do without if the question came up)!

My blogging is lack due to no finance to buy the latest products to haul/review! :(

So I'm no where near a happy girl ATM :(

Anyone have any advice on how I can get a better paying job in Limerick, get a car, my dream holiday, a ring and question during the holiday and move onto plan B which requires savings!!

Having a bad day :( rant over!

Lots of love xx

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