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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Home vs Abroad Weddings

Wow I guess I never really thought how hard it was to get married until I researched online at the costs in Ireland of getting married!

I know two couples currently engaged, one couple for some time now, the other newly engaged! This got me thinking who would be walking down the aisle first! The couple engaged longer have been together more than 6 years, the newly engaged couple are together over a year! There are children involved in both couples so this would put a strain n trying to save to finance a wedding!

I just read its about €21,000 to get married in Cork and Limerick in 2013! One of my favourite bloggers (Anna Saccone) and YouTube couple (Anna and husband Jonathan) got married in Italy in 2011 with a budget if 10,000 (approx 60 guests).

Would I like to get married abroad? Well before I saw Anna and Jonathan's gorgeous wedding I never considered it before (it was always my sisters thing to do) and then I saw the cost difference!

Getting married abroad:
*gorgeous views
*weather is amazing
*nearest and dearest family and friends attend
*lovely photos of the day
*its different
*Honeymoon and ceremony can double as one
*outside ceremony and reception option

*guests would need to take time off work for few days
*heat could be too much
*super organisation required
*language barriers

Getting married in home soil (Ireland):
*get married near home
*traditional wedding
*more guests can attend (after party ceremony)
*most guests invited can attend
*less hassle
*easier to organise

*bad weather
*hard to get a nice photo background
*stuck with hotel venue
*potential gatecrashers

Funny thing about making a pro's and con's list for weddings abroad and weddings at home I'd probably have my wedding at home because I'm a huge home bird when it comes to anything, I'd love the traditional side, couldn't depend on my closest friends and family having the finances to travel abroad for a wedding and I would need to be hands on when organising and that wouldn't be possible when booking abroad because it'd be all email and phone but can't see what's getting done until its too late!

I'd love to have a photo booth, popcorn stand, cupcakes and old sweet stand at my Irish wedding! Lol. Guess I have to get engaged before planning a wedding! I couldn't imagine the stress!

If your planning your wedding and blogging about it post a link below! :)

Lots of Love

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