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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Doll Like Halloween

Hey dolls,

My halloween was interesting this year to say the least!! 

I spent Halloween in Limerick again this year. We went out 28th October over the bank holiday weekend. We had our weekend planned out a bit differently to how it actually turned out but because we had another couple coming to spend the weekend it didn't quite go to plan!!

Saturday: The Plan: They arrive at 1pm (at the latest) and we go to Limerick city, show my friend and her boyfriend the city and the Crescent Shopping Centre and we head out for dinner Saturday evening (on suggestion from my friend) at 8pm to Jasmine Palace Chinese.
What really happened: They arrived at 5.30pm, we couldn't go into the city because it was far too late so started to get ready for dinner and ended up 5 mins late anyway. Being late caused unnecessary tension around the house and it wasn't very fair of them to make us sit around the house doing nothing all day :( I forgot my foundation so had to go shopping before going to dinner so ended up going to a pharmacy with a limited selection of foundations!! I was not impressed.

In Jasmine Palace, we had a lovely meal, we missed out on the cocktails because none of us really wanted to drink and just head home for a movie so we opted for a nice meal with fizzy drinks lol. For desert I got the baked alaska. My mom made this at home before so I knew what it was, it was divine in the chinese. Just the perfect size to be yummy and so sweet :) Yummy!! When we got back to the house we watched a movie called The Pact! Scared the jaysus out of me!! :( I didn't watch half the movie to be honest lol. We went to put on another movie but I was too exhausted and went to sleep!

Dessert:  Baked Alaska

Dessert: Bailey's Cheesecake

Happy pouty ;) Me and boyfriend
Sunday: The plan: Lounge around the house, watch some movies, chill on the couch and play the wii. Basically relax before our big halloween night out! Get ready, pre-drink lots because we didn't have the funds to be drinking in the club and head to the club about 11/11.30!!
What really happened: No chance for a rest, we got up and boyfriend had already got his breakfast (he's up really early), they wanted to go to the shop 2 minutes up the road for cigarettes and were gone an hour... couldn't understand how it took so long. No text or anything. I text them saying we're leaving at 2pm for the shops... boyfriend wanted to watch a Man Utd. match too but that didn't happen! We left at 2 when they got back from going to a different shop further away and getting breakfast rolls and not offering to buy us anything :/ We went shopping, I bought some jewellery, hair clips and drink!!

Halloween Night Out: I started getting ready at 6.30. I'd been planning my outfit for a few weeks, the little mix makeup, the fohawk, the outfit...I put a lot of effort in!! I started with my hair, I tied it into 4 sections in the centre of my head going in a line upwards. I think curled each section, back combed it, used lots of hairspray and pinned into place. I used boots essential tipped wavy hairpins for thick hair and regular bobby pins to hold it in place. I didn't get a picture of my hair but you will see it slightly in pictures posted below.

I wore:

White cream makeup
Maybelline Gel liner
Benefit Thrrrob blush
Katy Perry Cool Kitty Eylure Lashes
Rimmel lipstick in 320
Rimmel Kohl Eyeliner

Tights with bow back detail from Marks and Spencer
Skirt from Inspire in New Look
Skeleton sequin shear top from Inspire in New Look
Red strapped shoes from New Look

Daniel as Marty McFly from Back to the Future

The lovely Marty McFly and his Doll

Little Mix Doll - would I pull off being the 5th Little Mix member? ;)

The R's - burlesque dancer and orgasm donor.

3...2...1... and pose!

Trick or Treat... my cousins the little witch and skeleton!
Happy Halloween dolls ;)

Lots of Love

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  1. Awesome doll makeup! That is so creepy yet cute and I'd really love to try that this Halloween. I've been searching for new and fresh halloween makeup ideas to try this year and thanks to you, I just got an idea. Thanks!

    ~ Cristine


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