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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What I did this week?

Hi Dolls,

Tuesday 25th September

I love love love Autumn because of the crunchy leaves. Disappointingly there hasn't been many on my walk home because of all the rain and it's too cold to venture out for a walk to find some! I loved walking home from the bus and crunching all the leaves before getting home! 
Crunchy Leaves
Wednesday 26th September

I attempted to get rid of my side-fringe today! I blow-dried it out of my hair. I wanted to see what I'd look like if it was gone because I find it so hard to maintain and it always grows out and I never go to the hairdresser for a trim! And being the sweaty person I am it ALWAYS curls or flicks or goes horrible looking when I go out or even weather wise... the weather is not my fringe's friend! lol. I didn't like it at first because my side-fringe was still too short to look ok and the layers are off so hense the plaited back hair in the pic :P My forehead also looks HUGE! 
No more side-fringe
Also on Tuesday I woke up in so much pain with my back! I was like 'What the...' I've never had trouble with my back before but I struggled to lift my bag and do usual movements! So when I got home from work I took out my dad's massage chair and had a blast at the shiatsu massage! It was a bit sore but felt good after a while and mom also made me try this strange towel exercise that you lie flat on the ground and roll the sore part of your back on the towel... oh my did this hurt! I couldn't get off the towel I needed help getting up! I woke up Wednesday and my back was ok but once I got on my first bus of the morning the pain really got to me!! :(
Home shiatsu massage... I'm in control ;)
Thursday 27th September

Today is my parent's wedding anniversary. I would write the year but my parent's (mom) would rather I didn't. I did mention it last year and did a post on the celebration and a separate one on lots of pics taken on the night! Congratulations for sticking with it this long ;) lol. Only joking. Ah no but in all seriousness though my parents have been great roll models when it comes to marriage and home life.
27th September 
Today I got a bit carried away looking up pups because I saw an article about Camilla adopting in a Jack Russell and he looked so adorable. I was never a huge fan of them before because I always loved more feminine looking dogs like bijon frise or maltese! I looked up DoneDeal at the selection of Jack Russell's and REALLY wanted one! I was going to just get one and surprise my boyfriend but I knew I'd have to say it to him first. We decided to hold off until next year when we're more financially stable and living together properly! I've such a long list of names made up already... consisting of chanel, nacho and snickers ;) HA.

Jack Russell pups (image from Done Deal)
My weekend was spent working on the kitchen so watch this space for a post once it's all done! ;)

Friday 5th October

I saw this picture on facebook on Friday and love it! It's so cute!  my obsession for the cookie monster stems from my boyfriend's nickname for me, Cookie! I've even gotten Cookie and my name engraved on the back of my iPod :D
Cookie Monster
I was also looking up some inspiration for some makeup looks coming soon over the next few weeks :) I love this look Selena Gomez wore in her music video recently (must find the name)!

Makeup look - Selena Gomez
Saturday 6th October

I wanted to dress up on Saturday even just for a little while because I'm sick of looking all frumpy and shitty lately :(

So I wore Urban Decay naked palette on my eyes, did some subtle winged gel liner and curled my hair! This is me attempting to curl my hair for the first time without a sidefrindge - ahh how weird!

FOTD - Saturday
We went to B&Q on Saturday for some more kitchen supplies and I got my boyfriend to sneak a OOTD pic while no one was in the same isle as us ;) lol. I'm wearing a creamy gold shimmer knitted top with a gold studded skull on the front from New Look, turquoise jeans from Dunnes Stores, leopard print uggs from Primark and a small black bag with gold chain detail. And as you can tell my hair started to go flat in the front!
OOTD - Saturday
We popped into Harvey Norman and our favourite couch is still in there so I snapped a pic so we'd remember what it looked like. And obviously Daniel (boyfriend) had to look like he was chilling in the sitting room at home ;) lol.
Checking out our FAVOURITE couch in Harvey Norman's
Daniel headed out with some friends on Saturday night and he had to do an outfit options check. He wasn't sure if he should wear his red Angry Birds t-shirt or his white batman tshirt. He went with the batman one in the end. What a woman :P
Option 1!
Option 2!
And when he headed out I had stocked up on plenty of munchies :D I had diet coke can's chilled from the fridge, meanies, maltesers and a sugar donut! I was going to watch a movie but ended up flicking between The Punisher and the X Factor! I wanted to hear Ella Henderson singing - She's amazing!
Munchies :D

Sunday 7th October

I saw the new gym timetable for October on Facebook for my boyfriend's gym which I'll be joining once I move! It had kettle bells and Zumba on it which I'm really interested in getting into. My only worry is I've heard Zumba is more fun with someone you know but I don't really know anyone that goes to that gym and don't want to drag my boyfriend along!

Also I want to take up Yoga! I think it will help with my asthma, depression, reduce blood pressure, increase mood, it'll help me relax a bit more and be a bit more flexible!
Kettle Bells
Monday 8th October

I was looking up Halloween inspiration for my boyfriend and found this awesome zipper that you attach to your face as you can see from the design on the packaging! It's so cool! I already have my inspiration for this year so I may consider this but I like m idea!
Halloween Inspiration
I found this picture of Jack Osborne's new wife Lisa and I am in love with her hair! I would like it a little lighter on me but I love the cut!! I want this hair... total hair crush going on!

Lisa Stelly - Hair Envy!
Lots of Love

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