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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What I Did This Week?

Hey dolls,

I've had a quiet enough week this week! With updating my iTouch software to the new iOS 6 my iPod went a bit crazy and shut down for the day (entirely my fault with lack of technical knowledge ;)). My iTouch is where i take most my instagram pics so it was tough having it shut down all day!! I won't lie I did panic :P

19 September - Wednesday

I have very weak nails, they peal all the time (if anyone know's why please tell me!). I was sick of my blank not painted nails so decided to do some DIY polka dot nails :) I tried using bobby pins (hair clips) but that didn't work out for me so I just used the brush! I used 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in Royal Rose,   Rimmel Nail Whitener in White(!) and the last one I can't remember the name of but once I get my hands on it I will update this ASAP! They turned a little too DIY tbh but looked cute!

DIY Nails

After DIYing my nails I watched some TV with my mom - she's more of a computer person rather than TV person! Cuddle time :D
Me and Mommy :D

21st September - Friday

Who broke my favourite Wonder Woman glass?! I got a collection of comic glasses in Forbidden Planet in Dublin on St. Patrick's Day this year. There was a set of 4, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern! I got home on Friday to my Boyfriend's house and he sprung it on me like no big deal that he broke one of my collection glasses!! I was gutted - I know it's a glass but it was my fave ;)
Who Broke My Glass?!

DC Comics Vintage Comic Cover Pint Glass 4-Pack
21st September - Friday

I was out for a 21st birthday in Limerick City. I wanted to go more casual with my look as I always over dress and just seems like I try too hard (which i totally do :P). I wore Omen (purple) and Half Truth (dark grey) eyeshadow from Urban Decays 25th Anniversary palette! I was not 100% happy with this look because I feel it was too dark and the colours were a bit off compared to my outfit!


22nd September - Saturday
Godmommy and Chloe :)

Saturday was my Goddaughters 1st birthday! She is such a cutie and love her and her mommy to bits :) As I live so far away and due to circumstances beyond my control I couldn't make her birthday party but I bought her a party dress (zebra print princess dress with a collar and little belt) and I was told she had a great day so I'm glad :) Happy 1st Birthday Chlo-Chlo :)

Not my pic ;) represented the point well!
I spent Saturday painting the new kitchen my boyfriend is installing in the house! It was so funny and a lot of fun and really made me happy because it's something I've always wanted seeing those TV adverts and couples are painting and having fun and it's very much something I wanted! And I got it! :) We were only painting the base white for now but I will have a full blog post about the kitchen and little interiors once its done :) Excited? i know I am ;)

Saturday night I cuddles up on the couch with my boyfriend and we watched 50/50! OMG it was so sad :( i didn't know what the movie was about at all! But as I watched more into it it was a little predictable in one part but what a movie! So sad but such a nice movie to watch!

24th September - Monday

I've been having some confidence issues this week with my body and seeing this quote really inspired me! :)

I've been looking at different hair colours to get as my roots have gotten soooo bad! But I want to wait another few weeks before splashing out €140+ on my hair! I have a lot of hair!! So I really like the ombre look and love the light brown colour on top in this pic... the colours look so well together and it is definitely something I'm looking into :)

Lots of Love

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