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Monday, September 17, 2012

What I did this week?

Hey dolls :)

Today is my first week of scheduled blogging - not scheduled posts (only sometimes ;)). So here's my week (10th - 16th September)
September 11th Anniversary
This week was a tough week for New Yorkers, Americans and people worldwide! It was the 11th Anniversary of the tragedy that occured on 9/11. I watched a documentry created about Irish people in New York on this day who lost family members - husbands, brothers, fathers, wives, sisters, mothers... It brought tears to my eyes! It reminded me of that day 11 years ago... I was 12 years old and just came back from school, I was completely innocent minded and could never have imagined something like this could happen! I skipped in the front door hyper and laughing and within minutes my mood had shifted to shock, fear and upset! I couldn't believe what I was seeing on the TV screen as true! It looked like a horror midnight movie!!

September 11th - Saccone Joly birth of their daughter Emilia
Anna and Jonathan Saccone Joly welcomed their gorgeous baby daughter into the world on September 11th. It was a long day of checking twitter instantly from any updates from Jonathan as he was tweeting live updates as the day went on! It was so nice of Anna and Jonathan to include their many fans around the world in the birth of their daughter - many people setting up twitter accounts for the first time just to get the updates!! :) Emilia Tommasina was born today :)

Cook Books - Can I cook?!
I wandered into Eason bookstore on Tuesday after work to have a look at some cook books - I can't cook that well, not even following a recipe and steps ;) So I came across this book and I think it would be a great book as one of the first cook books to go into our new kitchen!! Super excited! And it's pink and has cupcakes on it :D

Wednesday 12th - Kitchen's here!
Our new kitchen from Wickes arrived on Wednesday evening! I am beyond excited for the new kitchen to be fitted... not only because it's new, and will be clean all the time but because my boyfriends putting it together. As a cabinet maker there's not much work out there and I haven't seen much of his work since we've been together so I'm so happy he's putting it together - makes it a bit more special :)

Mini photoshoot
I decided to have a mini photoshoot of myself outside work on Friday waiting for a lift home ;) And the sun was shining - why not take the opportunity to smile and document it ;)

Ready for the ball ;)
My brothers Grads was on Friday night! A grads in Ireland is the name given by guys, debs for girls. So a grads is basically a dinner ball that occurs usually after you receive your exam results and before you start your journey into college life! He looked snazzy in his blue waistcoat. In my brother's school they're not allowed take dates as there are 2 schools mixed, which is a lot of teens!! But parents are invited! I don't understand it either!! :P

Someone got a booboo!!
A man was injured while putting his buggy in the undercarraige in the bus station on Friday. He damaged his back and couldn't get off the ground! The gardai and ambulance were called as the incident was liable for compensation payment. The bus was faulty and the door for the undercarriage and main door onto the bus closed by itself without warning. I was nearly caught by the undercarriage door myself! :O We were told change onto another bus while another man was questioned by Gardai as he was trapped underneath when the door closed!

Finally in his arms :)
After a hectic time in the bus station I finally made it into my boyfriend's arms Friday evening :) Happy out :D

Of course I didn't pack proper outfits for the weekend so i had to borrow a hoody from my boyfriend... and he of course had to wear his brown one so we looked like twins lol ;)

What a messer!
Butterscotch angel delight mouse anyone?! :P Blast from the past for my boyfriend with the flavour bringing back some childhood memories :) Aww!

Movie time!
Grabbed a bowl of popcorn to watch the birth video of Emilia Saccone Joly on Saturday! I can't believe I waited so long to watch it! :P Was such a nice video and Jonathan did a good job being there for Anna and holding the camera ;)

I found it!!
I finally found Jean Paul Gaultier's Diet Coke designed can's in Super Valu this week! I was delighted I now had both designs ;) I love  Jean Paul Gaultier perfume and Diet Coke - what could be better ;)

True Love ;)
I've become OBSESSED with Minnie Mouse recently!! :O I want to get a minnie and mickey tattoo soon ;)

Spoiled? Never ;)
I went to Smyths toy store on Saturday for a quick visit to pick up some toys for the upcoming visit of my goddaughter! Because it's my boyfriend's house she'll be visiting there would definitely be no toys or things to play with so I wanted to keep her happy and occupied :) Spoiled much ;)

New Hair?
I've been looking out for new hair colour ideas this week.. I want to dye my hair a different colour and I'm loving the ombre hair look that lots of people are sporting nowadays :) I particularly love this colour combo worn by Victoria's Secret Angel Lily Aldridge :)
Getting old :(
AMy baby brother turned 19 on Sunday! I can't believe how grown up he is! He will always be my baby brother. He's starting in college on 24th September, he had his first holiday away with friends this summer and his grads... sooo upsetting how grown he is but then again he's growing up well :)

Lots of Love

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