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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sleep Apnea Update

Hey dolls,

So I just recently realised I never gave an update on my sleep apnea and my tonsillectomy recovery process!

As you may have read in my previous post I had a tonsillectomy to try to help get rid of my Sleep Apnea. I had my operation in January 2011! It took me 2 weeks to 'fully' recover after the operation and I had to go back to college. During the two weeks I stayed on the couch wrapped up warm trying to drink lots of fluids (failing badly). Swallowing became very difficult about mid-way through my first week of recovery as my scars had scabbed over and it was painful to move it (gross I know!). 

Getting my tonsils out was a tough decision because there was no guarantees that having them removed would reduce my apnea levels. So once I had them removed I had to do another sleep study 6 weeks after the operation to monitor me as I slept. Basically I checked into the hospital at 2.30pm and had to get into my pj's once I got to the room and was hooked up to a machine immediately! So once I was going to sleep that night the machine strapped to me would monitor my level of breathing, how often i breath through my nose as I sleep, how often I stopped breathing and deep my breaths were as I slept. 

So the next morning I checked out and had a nervous 2 week wait to see if this operation worked.

I was told by my CPAP specialist that 2 brothers had sleep apnea, one aged 30 and the other aged 17. So they both underwent tonsillectomies to see if this would help clear there sleep apnea. It worked for the 17 year old but not for his older brother. Tonsillectomy's to reduce sleep apnea levels is a trial process, it really depends on each person and is more likely to succeed in younger people.

I got my results back and... it worked!! I didn't need my CPAP machine anymore and I didn't snore anymore (as much or as loud) ;) My levels had gone from in the 90's down to between 7 and 9... which is close enough to a normal apnea level :)

If you hear someone snoring abnormally loud and suddenly stopping and continuing on snoring again OR you hear someone struggling to breath in there sleep let them know they should go visit there doctor as it is serious and can cause some serious health risks as you get older.

Lots of Love

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