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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Goddaughters Christening

Hey dolls,

As I mentioned in a previous post my BFF had a gorgeous baby girl, Chloe, almost a year ago now on September 22nd 2011. She was christened on May 6th in Sligo and I am so happy that my BFF chose me to be her godmother :)
Me and Sharon the night before the Christening!
Chloe is my second godchild as I am godmother to my cousin Jessica (who is 4 now).

On 5th May, my mom drove to Sligo with me and Daniel (boyfriend) in tow :) We arrived a day early because I wanted to have the weekend there and some bonding time :) And also i didn't want to be travelling the morning of! We got Chinese for dinner and had catch up and I got to spend time with Chloe which is rare because I live so far it's hard to see her often!

Me and Chloe the morning of the Christening :)

On the morning of the Christening it was a little hectic but I'm glad I was there to give Sharon a hand organising things. We got to the church a little before 1 when a lot of friends and family of Sharon's started to show including Chloe's dad and his family and friends.

Parents and godparents! :)

Chloe being baptised

L-R: Priest, Me (godmother), Sharon (Mommy), Baby Chloe,
Paul (Daddy) and Gerrard, (Godfather).

McLoughlin Family - Aunty Ashleigh, Granddad, Sharon, Chloe, Paul, Grandmother, (front) Twin Auntys :)

After the church we went to the Swagman is Sligo for some food and chat! We stayed here for the evening but during which time I went and had an outfit change ;) We were meant to be going clubbing that night while Chloe went to her grandparents but with my mom having a 5 hour drive the next morning Dan and myself headed back to the house with her and everyone else headed out!!

How cute is she in her hairband gift :)
Hairband from Baby Loves Bling
Mommy and Chloe :)
Me and my mom :)

Me, Mom and Sharon x

Me and Boyfriend Daniel x
I had such a nice time and so glad my mom got to meet Chloe! It was really hard leaving but I had too :( Miss them so much everyday! 

Lots of Love

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