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Friday, September 7, 2012

Imperfection Correctors (Benefit Products)

I am currently looking out for makeup products that would really compliment my face! I feel like when I wear makeup theres not a great difference to when I don't wear makeup :( I think the point of wearing makeup is to give you  flawless complexion while still looking natural but not too natural. I like to look good when I wear makeup and don't want to have to spend hours trying different techniques to try and hide my imperfections!

Starting off here are some products I think can help me perfect my look easily -

'Imperfect' Correctors:

Peek-A-Bright Eyes by Benefit Cosmetics
I think this will help hide my under eye baggage ;)
And brighten my eyes so I look more refreshed than
tired and old (I'm only 23!). 
Perk-Up Artist by Benefit Cosmetics

I never really need concealer for blemishes -
more so for imperfections, dark circles, red patches etc.
Highlight Those Cheeks Baby:

I think highlighters complete any makeup look. Even when going minimal I think a highlighter should always be used. It transforms any makeup look from "Ya she's got makeup on" to "Wow she looks great". It totally brightens the face, makes you look fresh and awake and gives you a healthy glow.

Sun Beam and High Beam by Benefit Cosmetics

I've wanted Sun Beam since it was first released in
the US (came out in Ireland few months later)!
I had high beam and loved it but lost it :(
Fake those Lashes:

I'm not so great at applying fake lashes quickly - I know the more practise u get the better! About 4 years ago my eyelashes straightened out so I have to use a curler a lot (I prefer not to because I'm afraid I'll lose my real lashes!!). I like to find a good mascara that separates my lashes and will make them look as good as fake ones do! So that's exactly what's advertised for the mascara below.

They're Real Mascara by Benefit Cosmetics

I've read so many reviews on this mascara
and heard some good things! Mad to try it :)
Shape your face:

Oh I can't go on enough about how my eyebrows are the PAIN of my life! (dramatic much ;)) I've never gotten my eyebrows professionally done. I always say "Oh I'll get it done for this occasion" or "Oh I'll get them done then"! But I never do... because there is one actual location to get HD brows near me but it's not that near me :( And the benefit brow bar is open for anyone within Debenhams to see! Whenever I go plucking I ALWAYS sneeze... embarrassing or what! My brows seem to grow on the outter corners mainly too... I want them to grow back a bit so I can properly shape them. Also I have a scar (which I got as a youngin) through one eyebrow which doesn't help :( I have 2 brow products below.

I would really appreciate comments and review links that you think are good so I can find out from you guys which one is better (don't trust those sales ladies!)!

Brows a-go-go by Benefit Cosmetics
I like how it has a few different components!
 Brow Zings by Benefit Cosmetics
Smaller than the product above but still confused!
Your skin gives away your deepest secrets:

My skin is acting cray-cray (crazy) lately! :( It has all these tiny little not really noticeable unless theres light shining direct and at an angle but my skin feels dry and rough and weird :( And I've tried a few different things to help clear it but can't seem to :( My work colleague has the same problem but on er forehead.. mine's all down my jawline and near my eyes! I don't know what it is.. grr!

Refined Finish Facial Polish by Benefit Cosmetics

This product has seaweed (deathly terrified of seaweed!!)
Window to the soul:

As I mentioned my eyes aren't the brightest these days with those early (6.10am) starts so I need something to brighten my eyes.

Ooh La Lift by Benefit Cosmetics

It's PINK :)
I must admit none of these pics are mine - I know certain people prefer bloggers to use there own pictures. I will when I own the products but don't have access to take personal pics! All found on google!

Lots of Love

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