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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

August Update (Warning: Picture Heavy)

Hey dolls,

This post is a little late but I'm going to tell you all about my busy and hectic (mostly makeup free) month of August!!

Birthday's -
1st August was my friend Ann's 23rd Birthday, all us girly's headed out for dinner in Captain Americas. We had the Volcano Birthday Cake for desert... it was devoured ;)

3rd August I went to Dublin for a Feeder gig in The Academy Theatre with my boyfriend, we stayed in Dublin on Friday night in Bewleys Hotel in Newlands Cross and got the Luas to and from the city centre. 

Daniel in front of the stage
The cute couple ;)
Taka Hirose (Bass) of Feeder
Grant Nicholas (Guitar/Vocals) of Feeder
How cute ;) Didn't let go once ;)
On the Saturday after the gig we went shopping in the city. I picked up some accessories in Forever 21 and a new dress in New Look. I didn't go too mad this time (maybe at Christmas ;))!

6th August I went to London for work for four days and stayed in the Crowne Plaza near Heathrow Airport. I wasn't too happy staying in this hotel again because I was there 2 weeks before and had a bad experience but it wasn't as bad but not great this time!

Whats for dinner? ;)

Beef Burger, Chips and Garlic Bread

Lasagne, Chips and Garlic Bread
Macaroni Cheese and Garlic Bread

Cosy Mickey and Minnie top :)

FOTN ;) - Makeup free
I saw the Olympic torch near Stockley Park during my 1st time in London!
When I arrived home from London I was greeted at the Airport by my lovely boyfriend :) It was so cute :) (loved it!). I went straight home and packed a bag for the next day when I was going to the wedding in Limerick and realised my room had been moved around - I should not have asked why! When I was in London my room was infested with flying ants! Warning gross pic below ;)

10th August we went to Louise and Keith's wedding. Read about it and check out the pics here :) 

11th August I went to my friend Una's 21st :) I started off the day by getting ready in the space of 2 minutes because when I got home after the wedding I found dead ants everywhere :( My parents tried their best to clean it but I found some in random hidden places and it freaked me out!! :( I was bawling my eyes out for hours! So by the time I actually started getting ready I had about half an hour to be ready! 

I got dropped to my friend Rose's apartment because it was the easiest option but bad decision because I was one of the last to show to Una's house for her party - she had her closest friends at the house for some food and drink with her family before heading to the Franciscan Well for Pizza and drinks and the Brog for  lots of drinks ;)

Kisses for the birthday girl (centre)
Me, Rose and Sinead (nicest non-drunk pic I could find).
I don't remember much about the evening after we got to the pub so... onwards!

14th August I started my first driving lesson! I'm on my 3rd lesson now and doing pretty well :)

Be on the road in no time ;)
31st August is my best friend's birthday. My best friend Sharon lives in Sligo (360km, 5 hours by car) away! I went to Sligo on Friday for the weekend. Luckily I arrived after only 4 hours 15 mins of travel on the bus because I manager to catch all the express buses :D I was greeted off the bus by Sharon, her gorgeous lil daughter (and my goddaughter) Chloe and Chloe's aunt Ashleigh. Chloe was wearing the Minnie dress I got her for her Christening and lil pigtails - she looked so cute :D We went to the Swagman pub for lunch. The food was nice but not really my fave!

Aww Minnie Dress :)

What a cutie :) 

Chloe and 'Aunt' Kathy :)
We headed out Saturday night to celebrate Sharon's 22nd birthday. We got her a 21st sash as she was almost 9 months pregnant for her 21st we celebrated a year later :) And we got shot glass necklaces which we never used but ah well ;) haha.

21st shot glass necklace
Me, Sharon and Ashleigh :)

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