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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Feeling Blue (Emmy's Style)

Hey dolls,

Since so many best dressed celebs were wearing blue at the Emmy's this year, it inspired me to go on the hunt in some of my favourite high street stores and see what blue items I could find. Surprisingly not that many blue items of clothing in the stores and not many great pieces either! I managed to find a couple of pieces I personally like. I looked up Oasis, Awear, Vila, Only, New Look and River Island.

L-R: Julianne Hough, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, Nicole Kidman.
Navy Satin Grandad Collar Shirt - New Look, £22.99
Navy Sequin Longer Length Dress - River Island, £70 
Blue One Shoulder Ruffle Pencil Dress - River Island, £45
Influence Blue Lace Bandeau Prom Dress - New Look, £27.99
Evita Update Tight Blazer RP11 - Only, €39.95

Cobalt Sequins mini Skirt - Awear, €65
Lace Insert Ponte Dress - Oasis, £60
Lace Insert Ponte Dress - Oasis, £60
Laser Cit Ponte Top - Oasis, £40
Have you seen any blue items of clothing you love? If so, where? :)

Who's your Emmy's best dressed?

My two best dressed at the Emmy's 2012 has to... (not blue I know ;))

Sarah Hyland (Modern Family)

Emily VanCamp (Revemge)

Lots of Love

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What I Did This Week?

Hey dolls,

I've had a quiet enough week this week! With updating my iTouch software to the new iOS 6 my iPod went a bit crazy and shut down for the day (entirely my fault with lack of technical knowledge ;)). My iTouch is where i take most my instagram pics so it was tough having it shut down all day!! I won't lie I did panic :P

19 September - Wednesday

I have very weak nails, they peal all the time (if anyone know's why please tell me!). I was sick of my blank not painted nails so decided to do some DIY polka dot nails :) I tried using bobby pins (hair clips) but that didn't work out for me so I just used the brush! I used 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in Royal Rose,   Rimmel Nail Whitener in White(!) and the last one I can't remember the name of but once I get my hands on it I will update this ASAP! They turned a little too DIY tbh but looked cute!

DIY Nails

After DIYing my nails I watched some TV with my mom - she's more of a computer person rather than TV person! Cuddle time :D
Me and Mommy :D

21st September - Friday

Who broke my favourite Wonder Woman glass?! I got a collection of comic glasses in Forbidden Planet in Dublin on St. Patrick's Day this year. There was a set of 4, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern! I got home on Friday to my Boyfriend's house and he sprung it on me like no big deal that he broke one of my collection glasses!! I was gutted - I know it's a glass but it was my fave ;)
Who Broke My Glass?!

DC Comics Vintage Comic Cover Pint Glass 4-Pack
21st September - Friday

I was out for a 21st birthday in Limerick City. I wanted to go more casual with my look as I always over dress and just seems like I try too hard (which i totally do :P). I wore Omen (purple) and Half Truth (dark grey) eyeshadow from Urban Decays 25th Anniversary palette! I was not 100% happy with this look because I feel it was too dark and the colours were a bit off compared to my outfit!


22nd September - Saturday
Godmommy and Chloe :)

Saturday was my Goddaughters 1st birthday! She is such a cutie and love her and her mommy to bits :) As I live so far away and due to circumstances beyond my control I couldn't make her birthday party but I bought her a party dress (zebra print princess dress with a collar and little belt) and I was told she had a great day so I'm glad :) Happy 1st Birthday Chlo-Chlo :)

Not my pic ;) represented the point well!
I spent Saturday painting the new kitchen my boyfriend is installing in the house! It was so funny and a lot of fun and really made me happy because it's something I've always wanted seeing those TV adverts and couples are painting and having fun and it's very much something I wanted! And I got it! :) We were only painting the base white for now but I will have a full blog post about the kitchen and little interiors once its done :) Excited? i know I am ;)

Saturday night I cuddles up on the couch with my boyfriend and we watched 50/50! OMG it was so sad :( i didn't know what the movie was about at all! But as I watched more into it it was a little predictable in one part but what a movie! So sad but such a nice movie to watch!

24th September - Monday

I've been having some confidence issues this week with my body and seeing this quote really inspired me! :)

I've been looking at different hair colours to get as my roots have gotten soooo bad! But I want to wait another few weeks before splashing out €140+ on my hair! I have a lot of hair!! So I really like the ombre look and love the light brown colour on top in this pic... the colours look so well together and it is definitely something I'm looking into :)

Lots of Love

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Baby Boom (2012 is crazy!)

Hey dolls,

So celebrities have been popping out babies all year and there's still more to come!! With celebs like Beyonce, Kourtney Kardashian and Snooki just after having babies in recent months there has been a lot more pregnancies 'rumoured' and announced... :)

Shakira has announced she is pregnant with her first child
with spanish footballer boyfriend Gerard Pique
Due Date: Not announced! Early 2013.

Reese Witherspoon is expecting her 3rd child
with husband Jim Toth
Baby Tennessee James born 27th September 2012
Melissa Joan Hart is expecting her 3rd child
with husband Mark Wilkerson
Baby Tucker born 18th September 2012

Megan Fox is expecting her first child
with husband Brian Austin Green
Baby Noah Shannon born 27th September 2012
Tamera Mowry Housley is expecting her first child
with husband Adam Housley
Baby Aden John Tanner born 12th November 2012

Sarah Michelle Gellar is expecting her 2nd child
with husband Freddie Prince, Jr.
Baby Rocky James born Mid-September 2012

Drew Barrymore is expecting her first child
with husband Will Kopelman
Baby Olive born 6th October 2012

Gisele Bundchen is rumoured to be expecting her 2nd child
with husband Tom Brady
Baby Vivian Brady born 5th December 2012
Adele is expecting her first child
with boyfriend Simon Kubecki
Baby [name] born 20th October 2012
Claire Danes is expecting her first child
with husband Hugh Dancy
Due Date:  December 2012

Camila Alves is expecting her 3rd child
with husband Matthew McConnaughey
Due Date: December 2012
Amber Rose is expecting her first child
with fiancé Wiz Khalifa
Due Date: January 2013
Holly Madison is expecting her first child
with boyfriend Pasquale Rotella
Due Date: Not Announced, 2013
Malin Akerman is expecting her first child
with husband Roberto Zincone
Due Date: Not Announced, 2013

I probably forgot someone because there is SO MANY :O But watch this space as I will post baby names and birth dates as soon as I know ;)

Youtuber's have also been drinking similar water because some of my favourite youtuber's have been having babies or awaiting the soon arrival of their newborn :) Two in particular are:

Sam Schuerman expecting her 2nd baby
with husband Jay
Baby Lily sometime last week - update soon :)
Anna Saccone aka The StyleDiet
expecting first baby with husband Jonathan

Anna with her gorgeous daughter
Baby Emilia Tommasina born September 11
Couldn't find a picture of mommy and bump...
And a link to Cosmetic Candies post about her gorgeous candy baby Harrison :)

Lots of Love

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Brothers Grads (Pic heavy)

My brother's grads was on Friday 14th September in Silver Spring's Moran Hotel in Cork. Because his school is basically two schools in one and such a large student population they were unable to brings dates from outside the school. So here are some pictures from before and during.

Damian (in blue) with friends
Damian and Catriona - matching!
Damian and Keith - Bromance much ;)
Blurry :( Mom, Damian and Dad - with his proud parents!
Full length shot
Damian and Keith   - another bromance ;)
Damian with his big (little) sis (me)!! :)
Lots of Love

My Goddaughters Christening

Hey dolls,

As I mentioned in a previous post my BFF had a gorgeous baby girl, Chloe, almost a year ago now on September 22nd 2011. She was christened on May 6th in Sligo and I am so happy that my BFF chose me to be her godmother :)
Me and Sharon the night before the Christening!
Chloe is my second godchild as I am godmother to my cousin Jessica (who is 4 now).

On 5th May, my mom drove to Sligo with me and Daniel (boyfriend) in tow :) We arrived a day early because I wanted to have the weekend there and some bonding time :) And also i didn't want to be travelling the morning of! We got Chinese for dinner and had catch up and I got to spend time with Chloe which is rare because I live so far it's hard to see her often!

Me and Chloe the morning of the Christening :)

On the morning of the Christening it was a little hectic but I'm glad I was there to give Sharon a hand organising things. We got to the church a little before 1 when a lot of friends and family of Sharon's started to show including Chloe's dad and his family and friends.

Parents and godparents! :)

Chloe being baptised

L-R: Priest, Me (godmother), Sharon (Mommy), Baby Chloe,
Paul (Daddy) and Gerrard, (Godfather).

McLoughlin Family - Aunty Ashleigh, Granddad, Sharon, Chloe, Paul, Grandmother, (front) Twin Auntys :)

After the church we went to the Swagman is Sligo for some food and chat! We stayed here for the evening but during which time I went and had an outfit change ;) We were meant to be going clubbing that night while Chloe went to her grandparents but with my mom having a 5 hour drive the next morning Dan and myself headed back to the house with her and everyone else headed out!!

How cute is she in her hairband gift :)
Hairband from Baby Loves Bling
Mommy and Chloe :)
Me and my mom :)

Me, Mom and Sharon x

Me and Boyfriend Daniel x
I had such a nice time and so glad my mom got to meet Chloe! It was really hard leaving but I had too :( Miss them so much everyday! 

Lots of Love