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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Autumn Wedding with sunflowers

Hey dolls,

On Friday, 10th August I attended the wedding of Louise and Keith as my boyfriend's plus one. (He works with Louise in a computing training centre). The ceremony was held in Killmallock church. The reception was held in the Springfort Hall Hotel near Mallow. We were the first of the guests to go into the church. As we didn't know the groom we accidentally walked past the groom at the door of the church. Oops!! When we got into the church we weren't sure which side to sit at (as sometimes its tradition for the bride's guests to sit on the left and the groom's guests to sit on the right). We sat half way down the church and on the left. The aisle of the church was gorgeously decorated with sunflowers as was the alter. The ceremony was lovely and her dress was gorgeous (pics below).
Walking down the aisle with her father
I had a quick outfit change (lol I know I know!!) then we headed for the reception. We weren't sure of the location but once we arrived we saw one way in that said entrance and the other road was not sign posted so we took the entrance of the hotel. We drove up the driveway through tree arches and we realised we drove up behind the horse and carraige with 'just married' written on the back. The father-in-law of the bride was driving the horse and carraige with the bride and groom for the entrance to the reception. We were caught between them and a car behind us so we couldn't move to get out of the photographers view of the carriage!! Another oops!!

The weather was gorgeous so once we arrived at the reception everyone was outside having a cold drink in the gardens of the hotel. It was such a nice day for a wedding in Ireland. The photo's must have come out gorgeous. We were summoned into the banquet hall. We saw a board with the names for where to sit and the father of the bride asked us to sign a book. So my boyfriend signed it - he filled the entire line and forgot to sign my name hehe! Ah I'm not bothered though because they don't know me!! lol. He was the first to sign the book. Aww!

The cake was made up of a cupcake tower with a cake layer on top. The cake toppers were a bride holding a laptop and groom dressed as a chef.

Cake toppers

Guest treats

As we entered the reception I instantly fell in love! There were fairy lights behind white netted curtains and flowing sheets on the ceiling! It looked like a wonderland! Absolutely gorgeous.
Gorgeous ceiling detail

We sat at Table 8 - there was no theme to the wedding. We sat with others Daniel (my boyfriend) works with and there other half's. It was a four course dinner:

Starters: Chicken and mushroom vol au vonts, mellon or duck.
Course 2: Vegetable Soup
Mains: Lamb, Chicken and a vegetarian option.
Dessert: Sticky Toffee Pudding, Apple Crumble or Pavlova.

The dinner was really nice. The staff serving were a little slow but I can understand they had to serve 2 tables each.
Me and my boyfriend Daniel
After the dinner a lot of guests went to the bar to watch the Olympic boxing match. When everyone returned to the banquet hall the room was ready for some dancing! The wedding singer was good at getting the crowd out dancing. There first dance was lovely and her dress moved so nicely as he whisked her off her feet and spun her around (so cute).
Introducing Mr and Mrs...

Busting a move ;)

We danced the night away and ate lots of finger food and sandwiches and had a few drinks. It was a great day. It was the first wedding I attended that wasn't a family members and also the first one I went to with my boyfriend :)

Cutting the cake

Me and Daniel :)

The bride and work colleagues

Cupcake from the cake tower :) Yum Yum
Congratulations to Louise and Keith. It was a great day and such a lovely ceremony.

Lots of Love

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Saturdays - Who's next?

Hey dolls,

I decided to post about the Saturdays (again :P) because I love there music, style and of course there all gorgeous :P

So unless you've been hiding under a rock or just don't read magazines then you know Una Healy and Rochelle Wiseman got married recently.

Una's Wedding

Una was the first of the Saturdays to get married. She married her long term Rugby boyfriend and baby daddy Ben Foden on June 30th 2012. Una brought her wedding and bandmates to Thurles, Ireland - her hometown. Una and Ben sold the rights to their wedding photos to OK! magazine, so was kept well hidden during the entrance and exit of church and venues while in her wedding dress.
Newlyweds Una and Ben - the Foden's

Their daughter wore a lovely little white dress too. Una's bridesmaids including her bandmates and sister wore gorgeous lilac flowing dress with bouquets of white flowers.

Molly, Vanessa and Rochelle

Frankie in full lengh pic of bridesmaid dress
Rochelle's Wedding

Rochelle married her boyfriend of 2 years Marvin Humes from the very popular boyband JLS on July 27th in Blenheim Place in Oxfordshire in the UK. Rochelle and Marvin began dating in March 2010 and had an on/off relationship. Marvin proposed 31 December 2011 while they were on a getaway holiday. They sold the rights to their wedding to Hello magazine.

Meet the Humes - Marvin and Rochelle

Rochelle wore a gorgeous figure hugging dress.

Her bridesmaids (and bandmates) wore a flowing black full length dress with detail on the hip.

Rochelle and her bridemaids/bandmates

So who do you think is next from the Saturdays to get married?
Frankie and Wayne

Could it be Frankie Sandford and Wayne Bridge?
Frankie and Wayne have been together since December 2010.
Rumoured to be moving in together (here)!

Vanessa White
Could it be Vanessa White???????
Vanessa is currently single but you never know... she could walk down the aisle before Molly and Frankie.

Molly King

Could it be Molly King????????
Molly is also single (and loving it).

Lots of Love

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

July Update

Hey dolls :)

July has been some busy month for me!! It was my birthday earlier in the month, I was in London for a week of work. My July posts will be a bit delayed. I've taken some random pics in London and I've also got some birthday posts to do!!

I'm so behind on my posting it's so bad :( I'm off to London in the Morning, then I have a wedding and a friend's 21st next weekend so it will be the 3rd week of August before I get my July posts up!! :( :O Must do a July favourite's too.

Lots of love