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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Shopping Crazy! - River Island

Hi Dolls,

I went to have a quick look in Opera Lane yesterday to see if I could find any nice outfits to get for my birthday and a wedding I'm going to in a couple of weeks. I went into River Island and there was a massive 50% off sale! A lot of recently new out products were on sale! I was in no humour for sale shopping though :( It was a long day at work and I wasn't expecting it! I went online when I got home to have a proper, less chaotic look at there sale items :)

I found this dress I've been lusting after for a while in the online sale section and was delighted to find it had reduced from £45 to £20! And it's only newly on the site for about a week (not confirmed)!

Black Heart Print Prom Dress - £45 £20

I decided to steer away from the sale sections for these pieces!! I've been wanting the leopard print tee's for a while too but never got a chance to shop and buy them! I think the mid length skirt would go great with both the tops. A day look or a night look. I would wear this out for a few casual drinks or out during the day! (I will post outfit pics when I wear them :))

 White Leopard Heart Embellished Tank - £20
Black Leopard Heart Embellished Tank - £20
Black Wrap Front Belted Maxi Skirt - £22

My own pictures will be coming soon once the arrive - Excited!! Hope you like my purchases and enjoy the sales ;)

Lots of Love

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