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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

London's Calling!!

Hey dolls,

I'm off to London on Sunday until Thursday for work for 2 weeks! I'm excited and nervous. I won't get to go into the city I'd say as I'm basically going from Heathrow via shuttle to the hotel via shuttle to the office!! Lol sounds like fun ;)

I am crazy busy with planning what to pack etc. but I will do my birthday posts next week while I have lots of free time in the hotel room each evening :P

Lots of Love

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy Birthday to Meeeeeee

Hey dolls :)

It was my 23rd birthday yesterday so I decided to share with you how I spent my day and a mini haul :)

I began my day around half 6 AM! I straightened my hair with my purple GHD and did my makeup (some days I don't have time to do my hair nice or even do makeup) :(

 FOTD - I'm very squinty here because it's early and the sun is in my eyes and the flash was in my eyes too.
(Yes I know I didn't make the bed yet!)
 I'm wearing: 
Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation in Ivory.
17 blush in China Pink.
Benefit Box O'Powder in Dallas - to highlight my cheekbones.
Maybelline Volum' Express One by One in Black.
Urban Decay Fun Palette Eyeshadow in Sin.
Urban Decay Naked Palette Eyeshadow in Buck - crease of eyelid.
Lips(not in pic):
Rimmel Vinyl Max Lipgloss in Outragous.

After a long day at work - this is what I looked like when I got home!!

I got my usual two buses to work and had a quiet day. Got lots done and got a task knocked off my important to-do list :)

After work I wanted to buy myself a nice dress for heading out with my friends... but sometimes being a plus size girl can go against you :( I went to New Look (my favourite store) but there sales have just started so it was crazy busy! They turned off the music and closed all but one door... talk about major hinting ;)

I left New Look disappointed I wasn't in the mood for sale shopping as it was a long 8 hour day on my feet and I was quite tired. On my way to the bus station Penneys (Primark) caught my eye and I said I'd have a look. So I got myself a few treats.

 Trio Stone Ring - €3
 Enamel Stretch Bracelet - €5
 Multi Colour Strand Bracelet - €2
 Long Love Necklace - €2
 Metal Flower Stud Earrings - €2
 Sunglasses Pendant - €3
 Leopard Print Fake Ugg Boots - €6
Backcombing Brush - €1.50

Total: €24.50

When I got home my River Island online purchases had arrived so I was happy out. I got my two tops, skirt and dress. I was banking on this dress to wear for my birthday and had bought it for a wedding I'm going to in a month but unfortunately it was a little too tight! So I plan on going on the treadmill and it will fit nicely for another event :)

I got home to a lovely home cooked dinner and had some caterpillar cake :) Yum yum x

Unfortunately I didn't get to see my boyfriend or friends on my actual birthday but we're celebrating Saturday so I will have a few posts coming soon on what's been happening during my 'birthday week'! Lots of news... a haul... makeup look... FOTD... OOTD etc... WATCH THIS SPACE ;)

Lots of Love

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Shopping Crazy! - River Island

Hi Dolls,

I went to have a quick look in Opera Lane yesterday to see if I could find any nice outfits to get for my birthday and a wedding I'm going to in a couple of weeks. I went into River Island and there was a massive 50% off sale! A lot of recently new out products were on sale! I was in no humour for sale shopping though :( It was a long day at work and I wasn't expecting it! I went online when I got home to have a proper, less chaotic look at there sale items :)

I found this dress I've been lusting after for a while in the online sale section and was delighted to find it had reduced from £45 to £20! And it's only newly on the site for about a week (not confirmed)!

Black Heart Print Prom Dress - £45 £20

I decided to steer away from the sale sections for these pieces!! I've been wanting the leopard print tee's for a while too but never got a chance to shop and buy them! I think the mid length skirt would go great with both the tops. A day look or a night look. I would wear this out for a few casual drinks or out during the day! (I will post outfit pics when I wear them :))

 White Leopard Heart Embellished Tank - £20
Black Leopard Heart Embellished Tank - £20
Black Wrap Front Belted Maxi Skirt - £22

My own pictures will be coming soon once the arrive - Excited!! Hope you like my purchases and enjoy the sales ;)

Lots of Love

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Birthday Wish List

Hey dolls,

It's my 23rd birthday in one week! I'm kind of excited but at the same time it's 'just another birthday'! I LOVE celebrating birthdays and love gathering for friends and families birthdays BUT since I passed the exciting 21 mark I'm kind of feeling like I don't want to celebrate my birthdays :( Kind of sad but it's just how I feel!

So onto more exciting things... my birthday wish list :)

Product 1: Sigma 'Make Me Cool' Essential Kit - $109.00

I need some new brushes and I love this brush set by Sigma. So many YouTubers and Bloggers use Sigma brushes and are always raving about how good they are. I want this blue/turquoise colour because I don't want EVERYTHING in my life to be pink and purple ;) lol.

Product 2: Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette - €17

I reeeeally want this Urban Decay palette. I love Urban Decay palettes and what a better one than one I customize myself. I can have all my favourite and most-used colours in one palette, which is so handy for travelling :) The palette itself is €17 with no shadows. Individual eye shadows are €17 each. There are currently over 68 colours to choose from :)

Product 3: Karora Fake Tan - €14.99-24.99

I, like most Irish girls, am always on the hunt for a good long lasting tan that looks flawless and not too dark. I usually stick with good old trusty Sally Hansen on night's out. But I have a craving to try Karora tan after seeing much news about this on Facebook and I've seen it mentioned in some recent blogs I've been tracking :) I would love to try the Self Tan Mist in Original.

Product 4: Sigma Dry'n Shape - €29.00

If I'm going to get Sigma brushes (above) I would like to take care of them properly for as long as I can use them :) So I'd definitely splash out and get this Dry'n Shape brush care set. It helps to keep your brushes in shape, dries them quicker than leaving them dry naturally and also helps keep your brushes looking like new for longer.

Product 5: Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection for Women - €45

I need a new perfume. My boyfriend has the male version of the Number 1 perfume by Ralph Lauren. And because I'm so soppy it'd be cool to have the female version ;) I haven't smelt these fragrances yet but I really want them because the bottles are really nice ;) lol.

Product 6: Calvin Klein Shock Perfume for Women - €60.98

I love this perfume! I got a gift set at Christmas of a small version of this perfume. I haven't used it much as I don't want to waste it! lol. But I want to get the biggest available so I can spray it all the time :D Gorgeous smell and packaging is really cute ;)

Product 7: Benefit Cosmetics SunBeam - €26.50

I've wanted SunBeam since before it came in stores in Ireland - Yes I accidentally asked for it in store when I saw it online in America! I just think it would give my face a gorgeous healthy glow during this 'lovely' weather we're having! I love Benefit's High Beam Highligher so thought this would be a good addition to my skin product family :D

Product 8: River Island Voucher

I would love to get a River Island voucher! I love there bags and purses! Some of there accessories and clothes are a bit out there in terms of pattern and style but I think overall they have a great selection of products and I love buying stuff in there. There's always something I would like to pick up :)

All the products are in no particular order! I'd love one things just as much as the others :) Hope you enjoyed reading. Leave your comments or review links if you've tried any of these products. I love hearing from you :)

Lots of Love

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Must Watch YOUTUBE vid

Hey dolls,

I read about this youtube video by NikkiTutorials in the Daily Mail (UK tabloid) today. I just watched the video and it shocked me. I don't drive yet... but wow this is definately one to watch! And share with all your girlfriends, mom's, sisters, aunts, nan's... all women!! It is a MUST WATCH!

All links to Nikki's twitter, facebook etc are in the description box below her video on YouTube.

Lots of Love