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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Where have I been?! :(

Hey dolls,

OMG its been SO long since I've blogged :( I'm such a terrible blogger at the moment!! It's a long story that I'm not sure I want to post online... but I've had health issues and been busy with work and lazy when I get home so I really don't have any proper excuse for my lack of blogging!! :( Sorry I've been gone!

I will be returning tomorrow (hopefully with my Pixie Lott Kiss the Stars music video look!! I know - it's an old video now - but I really want to recreate this look so tomorrow it shall happen (I hope :)).

Keep watching this space!!

I'm back :D

Lots of Love

PS have had no time to think of a new blog name so think I won't change it!! If I did change it I could lose followers and confuse people so I'll stick with it :) x

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