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Sunday, March 25, 2012

New blog name inspiration!!

Hey dolls,

I want to change my blog name (again!). I started off with the name Lushblush21, hense why my URL for my blog and my twitter name is that :) I moved onto a better name (as I thought) of Make-up is a Girls Best Friend but recently found out another blogger has this name... I don't want to be linked to or mistaken for another blog. I want to be individual. I don't exactly have the biggest imagination when it comes to coming up with blog names but I'm sure I'll find one... I asked for a little help from other bloggers through Twitter with the tweet (image below). I got one response, helpful :)

Interestingly not many people responded to my tweet... I find it interesting because I thought others would want to share there inspirations and there blog names :) But air ah... :)

I'm thinking of a few but will need to create a new banner and a button before continuing on with the name change and before announcing it.

Hopefully I'll find some inspiration somehow :) I need to find something that represents me but also a name that no one else has :P

Lots of Love


  1. Good luck with your quest for a new name, I randomly plucked mine out of thin air, didn't give it much thought lol

    1. Thanks hun :) Ya I did that too but ended up with same name as someone else :P Want some individuality!! I'll think of something :) Thanks for your comment x

  2. I used one of my (many) nicknames. Have something different that stands out, take llymlrs, gh0stparties, milkteef, lucy-boots etc etc. they are all random, name related and totally unrelated to what their blog is about but it makes it stand out from all the other beauty/fashion blogs because of it! :) hope that helped.


    1. I don't really have any nicknames :( I want to think of something different and original but it'll take me a while coz I'm drawing blanks!! I have a deadline though :P Thanks for the comment hun, may have confused me a little but all good :D x


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