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Friday, March 16, 2012

Early Mother's Day :)

Hey dolls,

I went shopping last Saturday and got some things for my mom for Mother's day which is on March 18th. I got her L'Oreal Youth Code, Nivea DNA Eye Cream and Johnson's Holiday Skin Body Cream in Boots. I was so excited I gave my mom her stuff when I got home on Sunday evening. She was so happy. 

L'Oreal Youth Code Luminize Cream, Boots,  €27

Nivea Visage DNAge Firm Eye Cream, Boots, €17 (approx.)

Johnson's Holiday Skin Body Lotion, Boots,  €6
Today I did some shopping (again) and I got some more little treats for my mom. She's quite easy to shop for :) So I got her a ceramic travel mug, a bunch of flowers and some mini cupcakes.

Ceramic Travel Mug, Marks and Spencer, €10
Bouquet of flowers, Marks and Spencer, €22

9 Mini Vanilla Cupcakes, Marks and Spencer, €6.50
Mommy happy = Daughter happy :D

Happy Mother's Day to all you mommy bloggers out there :)

Lots of Love

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