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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Don't miss me too much!

Hey dolls,

I had a few posts planned based on reviews and looks etc. (check out the list in the upcoming tab above). I went to the doctors on Tuesday last week because I haven't been feeling right for a while now :( - I won't go into TMI details!! But basically I did a pregnancy test (negative result - phew!!) and had to give blood for a test! So she tried taking blood from both my arms and neither worked!! At this stage I felt sick at the thought of needles in my arms :( then she was about to give up when she suggested taking bloods from my hand but it would be more painful than anywhere else!! So feeling brave and wanting to find out what is wrong with me she took two viles of blood from my right hand. She was talking to me about my problem and what it could be. In responding I felt like I was talking super slow!! And then I began to sweat a lot on my face and started to get super dizzy!! So she lay me on the bed and I fainted for what felt like a second!! So when all that drama was over I went home and have to wait until tomorrow for my results :(

And on top of that I now have bad throat and ear troubles :( my glands inmy throat are swollen, I have a layer of white stuff at the back of my throat and my ear is do sore as a result :( Grrr!! Why can't I just be healthy? :(

So I am still alive and on both legs so that's a good sign for now ;) next step sort out my current problem then lose weight so I canbe super healthy and not feel SO unhealthy :/ I seriously have never said 'I feel unhealthy!!' unless I was sick!!! But even though I am I feel my life is unhealthy!!

Need to take a step back, breath and analyse what's happening!!

I'm sorry I haven't blogged much this month :( I will. E back to myself soon and will do my posts soon :)

Thanks for understanding.

Lots of Love

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