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Thursday, January 26, 2012

What to buy...?

Hey dolls,

I have to go shopping tomorrow for an outfit for my boyfriend's mom's birthday next weekend. Yes, I left it quite late for me... hense the slight panic!!! I need to get a dress first and then afterwards I can focus on getting the right shoes, bag, accessories... :) I did see a gorgeous clutch bag in Penneys (Primark). I don't use clutches that often because I always have way too much stuff with me!! But I plan to use one next weekend because I always wanted to!! :D

The clutch is a turquoise green bag with different pockets in it... that's a weird description but once I get it and post a picture you'll understand what I mean :D

I also would LOVE to pick up these lil bits from Benefit and 17 tomorrow... :)

Benefit Hervana Blush - Described on the site as "A 'good karma' face powder".
 Benefit's Sun Beam - Described by Benefit as"Golden bronze complexion highlighter".
 Benefit Thrrrob Blush - "Turned on face powder".
17 BB Cream - "All in one magic make-up"
 17 Va Va Voom Lipgloss - Plumping lip gloss
Yay for shopping :D

Lots of Love

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