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Monday, January 16, 2012

Our One Year Anniversary Story

Hey dolls,

I've decided to do an anniversary post for all you ladies out there about to have your one year anniversary with your boyfriend in 2012. Mine just happens to be this weekend :)

A little story into how I got to this point....

In June 2010 I joined a dating website, which was totally against everything I had ever set out for myself or believed! But I did it... I joined Plenty of Fish. I got a lot of unwanted attention from older men or sleazy sex-mad men! As well as good attention. Along the top of the screen were people I may have been interested in from what I put down on my page as a match! This one guy kept popping up! I didn't want to write to him because I just thought of he likes my profile he'll contact me! And that evening I said right that's it I'm off this by the end of the week! I went on the next day to find a mail from the guy on the top of my page! His profile name was Bluegunner! I couldn't believe he wrote to me :) I was so excited that he thought I was eorth contacting! So we chatted on the site for 3 or 4 days, I really liked his profile, we got on really well so swapped numbers! After texting for a while, my 21st party crazy time passed, I went to oxegen music festival and when I got home we were going to meet but I postponed because I got a cold from the festival :(

We met in person on July 21st in a shopping centre in my town. Then we went to a park and walked and talked and got on so well. I was so nervous I couldn't stop talking! :O lol! After the first time we met we became friends (with benefits) for about 6 months! There was a lot of emotion and hurt on my side because I really fancied him and wanted more but he wanted to be friends n see how things went! I fell harder for him every time I saw him! And the night before a big operation for me he told me he had feelings for me as more than a friend! Finally :D I knew he liked me more than he was letting on! So we met up Jabuary 21st when he said to my face his feelings and on January 22nd it was 'official' that we were together! :) and now almost a year later we are head over heals for each other :D we get on so well and we have fun together! Fights are very rare if non-existent :O

So I'm going to continue on with some of my do's and don'ts of relationship anniversaries and some pressie ideas :) So here goes:

Do - spend time together on the day
Don't - ignore the date.
Do - show your boyfriend you care.
Don't - go overboard.
Do - get him something nice
Don't - think he'll spend loads!
Do - plan something nice
Don't - get your hopes up
Do - remind him the dates coming up

On to the presents :)

So the ideas for your boyfriend are fairly personal to you and him. But some of my ideas for my boyfriend are:

*A Tommy Hilfiger jumper
*A new phone
*Gaming equipment
*Xbox game
*Comic book storage

I've learned from my mistakes not to go overboard and spend lots of money no matter how worth it seems!! In the end of the day your not married, it's a relationship! Some people choose not to celebrate at all!!

Do what feels right to you but don't go overboard and enjoy :)

Remember, some guys are bad with remembering dates so don't be disappointed if he forgot and you didn't hint or remind him! ;)

It's about the year that's gone, memories and you both. Not about how much you spend, what your friend got for their anniversaries or what anyone else does or thinks!

Lots of Love

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