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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My 2012 Resolutions!

Hey dolls,

As some of you already have seen from my twitter. I posted the image below yesterday. I have decided on my resolutions for 2012. Last year I had one resolution and that was not to take sh*t from anyone and just say things straight out instead of holding back/bitching! It may have come across harsh to people I spoke out to but it was better, in my opinion, than giving out about people to others behind their backs.

Lose Weight - I plan to lose weight in a healthy way. I know, its one of the most commonly said new years resolutions, and probably more so this year. But I have a goal to be able to look good and wear nice clothes and party outfits by Christmas this year. Some of my resolutions below tie in with this one :)

Less Fizzy Drinks - I drink WAY to much Diet Coke. I've heard rumours that there's an addictive quality to Coke and Diet Coke. I need to cut back a lot. So I'm going to treat myself to fizzy drinks one day a week.

Eat Healthier - I plan to cut back on chocolate, crisps, toast, fast food, etc. and eat more healthy options. I do cook myself at the weekend at my boyfriend's house but it involves mainly pasta dishes, lasagne and enchilada's! So I'm going to try to mix it up and not be so lazy with cooking.

Strong Heart - I am in a dangerous weight zone for my height. My BMI is ridiculously abnormal for someone of my age and height. I need to exercise more to gain a healthier, stronger heart. I don't like the thoughts of cutting my life short because of my size, or having heart problems at a young age - which fingers crossed I don't. But because of my sleep apnea I suffered during the summer of 2010 (mainly), there were huge health problems to do with heart, blood pressure, strokes, diabetes - there was a greater chance of me getting these problems if I continued suffering from sleep apnea undiagnosed. It's sorted now but I still had it so want to be as healthy as possible because I don't want to suffer from diabetes or have heart problems of any kind. So 2012 is the year for the healthy heart :)

Blog More - I am making it my mission to blog at least once a week! I know that's not much but for now it's the minimum I plan to blog each week. And if I say I'll do a series of something I will stick to it!! And if I don't you can give out to me via Facebook, Twitter or email!!

Drink More Water - My skin has gone rubbish in the past few weeks so I plan to drink at least 3-4 pint glasses of water!! I need to drink water for a healthier lifestyle, healthier body, blood flow and my skin.

Live with Boyfriend - We've been in talks of living together for a while now but because he's living alone in a house his dad owns I can't just pack up and move in there and change things around!! He lives in his home where he used to live with his grandaunt until she passed away in 2010. We've been together almost a year now and have decided it's what we both want. Moving would mean my first time living with a partner, living out of home and moving to another city... but it's only an hour away so I'll still have friends and family close. He is planning on redecorating in the summer so hopefully before Christmas next year I'll be living and settled with my lovely boyfriend. Also I would have to get a job in that direction to be able to afford to live out of home. A lot of annoying but important factors!!

What are your new years resolutions? :)

Happy New Year everyone and I hope you'll all keep following my blog for 2012 and beyond.

Lots of Love


  1. :)
    Great lil list of resolutions babe.
    I agree with the fizzy drinks as all the fizzy drinks contain aspartame which is a cheap sweetener. Its known to give cravings and so the individual buys more which isn't good for the waist line. It's even in 'diet' coke :S

    Well enough of my jibber jabber :P xx

  2. Thanks hun :) I know, it's so awfully addictive :( I haven't had any fizzy's in 2 days and had a massive headache yesterday :( Ah well, gotta keep it up for 2 weeks and it'll get easier (rumour has it!) I know diet coke is just as bad as normal coke but I was raised drinking the diet drinks and I like them better than the non diet stuff :P it's just a taste thing, not a 'diet' thing :) xx


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