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Saturday, January 28, 2012

I went shopping... :D

Hey dolls,

I went shopping today and got myself these... :)

Embellished shoulder Grecian Dress, €40 from Awear
 Print Cowl Neck Pocket Dress, €45 from Awear
 Hervana Blush, Benefit in Debenhams, €34
 Thrrrob Blush, Benefit in Debenhams, €32.50

The Thrrrob blush I got was the last in store AND the last one ever!! :( It's being discontinued :O I so didn't know that and so gutted!! It's so cute... a really nice colour and the packaging is awesome!!

I'll do a review and more personal pics on this soon :) And I also got the cute bag in Penneys I was talking about in my previous post :D

Lots of Love


  1. I love first dress and I think I *need* Hervana - I have Thrrrob somewhere must dig it out again x

    1. Thanks for your comment babes :) hervana is quite a light colour but it's nice, it's not too rosey cheeked it's quite natural :) I've wanted thrrrob for ages and got the last one in store!! I asked for sun beam too - its not out til early match :O whoops I looked on the American site :P hehe

  2. you can still get this at benefit's website. right now they have a good deal, where you buy the hoola bronzer&thrrrob together for only $34. and they're both full sized!!!!;) and the brozner&blush look good together on my skin tone

    1. Thanks for your comment :) Oh cool didn't know that :) They've stopped selling it in stores in Ireland - or thats just what the sales woman told me! Ya I love wearing 10 because it's an easy bronzer/blush combination.


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