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Saturday, January 28, 2012

I went shopping... :D

Hey dolls,

I went shopping today and got myself these... :)

Embellished shoulder Grecian Dress, €40 from Awear
 Print Cowl Neck Pocket Dress, €45 from Awear
 Hervana Blush, Benefit in Debenhams, €34
 Thrrrob Blush, Benefit in Debenhams, €32.50

The Thrrrob blush I got was the last in store AND the last one ever!! :( It's being discontinued :O I so didn't know that and so gutted!! It's so cute... a really nice colour and the packaging is awesome!!

I'll do a review and more personal pics on this soon :) And I also got the cute bag in Penneys I was talking about in my previous post :D

Lots of Love

Thursday, January 26, 2012

What to buy...?

Hey dolls,

I have to go shopping tomorrow for an outfit for my boyfriend's mom's birthday next weekend. Yes, I left it quite late for me... hense the slight panic!!! I need to get a dress first and then afterwards I can focus on getting the right shoes, bag, accessories... :) I did see a gorgeous clutch bag in Penneys (Primark). I don't use clutches that often because I always have way too much stuff with me!! But I plan to use one next weekend because I always wanted to!! :D

The clutch is a turquoise green bag with different pockets in it... that's a weird description but once I get it and post a picture you'll understand what I mean :D

I also would LOVE to pick up these lil bits from Benefit and 17 tomorrow... :)

Benefit Hervana Blush - Described on the site as "A 'good karma' face powder".
 Benefit's Sun Beam - Described by Benefit as"Golden bronze complexion highlighter".
 Benefit Thrrrob Blush - "Turned on face powder".
17 BB Cream - "All in one magic make-up"
 17 Va Va Voom Lipgloss - Plumping lip gloss
Yay for shopping :D

Lots of Love

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thank you followers!!

Hey dolls,

I just checked how many followers I have (I don't look too often!) and just realized I've gone up by about 10 in the last 2 weeks which I'm delighted about!! I love all of you dolls so much :)

I'm so glad people stop by and read the stuff I post... and even if you don't stop by but subscribed after seeing one post you liked... I thank you too :)

I love each of you and I'm following as many of you back as I can find :)

I really appreciate you all.

Comments wouldn't hurt ;)

Lots of Love

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Anniversary Update :) xx

Hey dolls,

As you know from previous posts and my twitter it was my one year anniversary with my boyfriend on Sunday :) But we ended up celebrating all weekend. We went shopping all day Saturday and I bought myself a new Sony VAIO series E laptop. And I also gave him his pressie... a turtle beach headset for his Xbox! he's mad into his gaming and needed a new headset so thought it'd be perfect!

We went to a local Chinese restaurant near his place called the East Ocean. It was the nicest Chinese food I've had in ages. And the company was great! The restaurant wasn't over crowded and noisy. We went for dinner Saturday night and went home after to have a cuddle and watch a movie, The Road. Not a very romantic movie but it was a good watch.

On Sunday I got this cute notification on the side of my facebook page :)
 And this is the happy couple before going out for dinner.... :D

Lots of Love

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Best Weekend Yet!!

Hey dolls,

As you know from previous posts and my twitter/facebook... it's my one year anniversary tomorrow so we're kind of celebrating all weekend :D It's been such a great year for us and I can't wait for the next one!

I decided to go with a pressie that suits his personal interests and I got him something he actually needed... I got him the Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5 Headset in Game for €244.99. The smile on his face when he got his pressie made every cent worth it :D I read all the reviews online about this and they said this was the best one out there and worth the money so I went for it! :D

I got myself a Sony VAIO E series laptop in white from Harvey Norman for €485. Delighted! Now I have no excuse to blog, facebook, tweet and contact people more :D
More update on this weekend coming soon...

Lots of Love

Friday, January 20, 2012

Chocolate Loving!

Hey dolls,

This is my 'No Chocolate' resolution update :)

I've been very good and still haven't had chocolate! Today is officially 20 days into the New Year and no chocolate! (Tweet #NoChocolate2012) It's going to be a killer on Valentine's day and Easter when I see ALL the chocolate everywhere :( But I have to stay strong for myself! :) I amen't mad about chocolate but when I do eat it it's a lot... and sometimes I'd have a bar everyday out of convenience that it was there and handy.So to help me on my healthier lifestyle journey no chocolate is a must. I pick up a lot more apple since I started!

Lots of (chocolate) Love

Monday, January 16, 2012

Our One Year Anniversary Story

Hey dolls,

I've decided to do an anniversary post for all you ladies out there about to have your one year anniversary with your boyfriend in 2012. Mine just happens to be this weekend :)

A little story into how I got to this point....

In June 2010 I joined a dating website, which was totally against everything I had ever set out for myself or believed! But I did it... I joined Plenty of Fish. I got a lot of unwanted attention from older men or sleazy sex-mad men! As well as good attention. Along the top of the screen were people I may have been interested in from what I put down on my page as a match! This one guy kept popping up! I didn't want to write to him because I just thought of he likes my profile he'll contact me! And that evening I said right that's it I'm off this by the end of the week! I went on the next day to find a mail from the guy on the top of my page! His profile name was Bluegunner! I couldn't believe he wrote to me :) I was so excited that he thought I was eorth contacting! So we chatted on the site for 3 or 4 days, I really liked his profile, we got on really well so swapped numbers! After texting for a while, my 21st party crazy time passed, I went to oxegen music festival and when I got home we were going to meet but I postponed because I got a cold from the festival :(

We met in person on July 21st in a shopping centre in my town. Then we went to a park and walked and talked and got on so well. I was so nervous I couldn't stop talking! :O lol! After the first time we met we became friends (with benefits) for about 6 months! There was a lot of emotion and hurt on my side because I really fancied him and wanted more but he wanted to be friends n see how things went! I fell harder for him every time I saw him! And the night before a big operation for me he told me he had feelings for me as more than a friend! Finally :D I knew he liked me more than he was letting on! So we met up Jabuary 21st when he said to my face his feelings and on January 22nd it was 'official' that we were together! :) and now almost a year later we are head over heals for each other :D we get on so well and we have fun together! Fights are very rare if non-existent :O

So I'm going to continue on with some of my do's and don'ts of relationship anniversaries and some pressie ideas :) So here goes:

Do - spend time together on the day
Don't - ignore the date.
Do - show your boyfriend you care.
Don't - go overboard.
Do - get him something nice
Don't - think he'll spend loads!
Do - plan something nice
Don't - get your hopes up
Do - remind him the dates coming up

On to the presents :)

So the ideas for your boyfriend are fairly personal to you and him. But some of my ideas for my boyfriend are:

*A Tommy Hilfiger jumper
*A new phone
*Gaming equipment
*Xbox game
*Comic book storage

I've learned from my mistakes not to go overboard and spend lots of money no matter how worth it seems!! In the end of the day your not married, it's a relationship! Some people choose not to celebrate at all!!

Do what feels right to you but don't go overboard and enjoy :)

Remember, some guys are bad with remembering dates so don't be disappointed if he forgot and you didn't hint or remind him! ;)

It's about the year that's gone, memories and you both. Not about how much you spend, what your friend got for their anniversaries or what anyone else does or thinks!

Lots of Love

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jessie J Inspiration

Hey dolls,

This week, when I'm feeling better and not look like death walking around I'm going to do a Jessie J inspired look. I say inspired because it won't be any particular one look that Jessie has worn in the past but more like a look based on her style of makeup. Recently she's gone more natural glow beauty. But I think I'll do the Jessie J of 2011. So I'm thinking black eyeliner, bright lip (maybe)... We'll see what I come up with :)

Lots of Love

Saturday, January 14, 2012

(Wo)Man Flu

Hey dolls,

So this week has been a positive but awful week for me :( I've done really well with cutting out "shitty" foods and haven't drank diet coke all week (one of my resolutions) and also still haven't eaten chocolate in 2012 :D Tweet #nochocolate2012 ;)

So along with sticking to the resolutions I've started... I've had the flu ALL week. It's really hard to deal with, there have been some tears! I'm some little weakling when it comes to pain or being sick! I'm lucky that this week hasn't involved vomiting.... (gross T.M.I. I know). I've a lot of sneezing, lack of energy, blocked nose, slight headaches, dizziness and total body pain! It sucked! Still suffering today had such a lovely duvet day with my boyfriend looking after me. I've been working from 8.30am to 5pm all week so its been shit really. I didn't want to call in sick because that's just not me. I'm not in secondary school any more where I can just not show up to school and bring a note in from my parents the next day... no.... this was the real world where I had to call my boss and say I was literally unable to get out of bed! Which in reality I could get out of bed. It sucked more than reality but had to be done. I'm only on a 4 month contract ending in 2 weeks so I need the money too.

I'm getting over it slowly but taking it easy this weekend. I haven't had the energy to straighten my hair or do my make-up all week so I feel like total shite :(

I'm so doing a make-up look next week to make myself feel better :D

Lots of Love

Monday, January 9, 2012

Shopping Haul/Review

Hey dolls,

This is my first review of 2012 :) So to start off my shopping adventure I went out on 26th December at 7.30am.... which is CRAZY for me because I never go to the sales, especially on Stephen's day/ Boxing day/ 26th!! So I was in Debenhams for 8.05am (crazy!). My mom, my sis and I went looking around the shop. I went straight for Urban Decay because Sale or not I wanted some palettes :D And to my absolute horror... the light was dimmed over the section AND there was one palette left :( So after an hour of looking around the shop we went for breaky :) mmm! Then we went to New Look and Next (just to see the craziness) and we headed home. I went straight online to debenhams.ie. I ordered the Urban Decay 15th anniversary palette (€45), Naked eyeshadow palette (€40), Urban Decay Deluxe eyeshadow in 'Scratch' (€19) and Kim Kardashian Eau de Parfum (€50 for 100ml). I was pretty excited and when I went to pay there was no other option except credit card!! So I was gutted... I don't have a credit card! So after about a half an hour of being totally let down my dad came to the rescue and offered to use his credit card and once the delivery came I gave them the money.

(Totally got sidetracked checking out blogs :P)

Ok back to the LONG story... ;) Just kidding...Long story short I ordered my stuff online on the 26th and it arrived week later :D I love love love everything I got! So check out pics and reviews (on what I've tested) below:

Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette:

I love this palette... (as most people do). The colours are so wearable for everyday and also some darker colours to give a night look :D (And it fits in my makeup bag :O) :)

 My favourite colours are 'Virgin' (first on the left), 'Sin' (second on the left) and 'Sidecar' (forth in from left). I wear these almost everyday since I got the palette :D And I use 'Buck' (fifth from left) on my crease :)

 This is my bad swatching :P I thought my arm was long enough to do all the colours but clearly not when I ended up on my hand :P hehe.

 The new brush with the palette. I haven't used it yet! But knowing me one of my friend's will use it (and destroy it) - I'm very fussy with brushed :) 
 A closer look at the new Urban Decay brush.
Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in 52 - Vanilla. This is a really liquidy but good foundation with good light coverage and really does give my skin a healthy glow. It blends well.
 A swatch of the foundation (I'm terrible a swatchs :P)
 Kim Kardashian's perfume - Yum! It lasts ages, leaves a good lingering smell, has a sweet smell to it, which I love and has a totally cute bottle :)
 Benefit Watt's Up highlighter is good, it's a stick on one end and a blending brush on the other end. It is a highlighter and a good one but it's kind of hard to blend. But I do love it and use it a lot :)
 Maybelline 24hour concealer - I've used this once and could still see blemishes through it. So I must try it again and give it a proper go. Does work well for under eyes.
Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette... I haven't used this yet... But I will. The colours are so bright and pigmented. Can't wait to get creative.

FOTD - this is my face today. (This pick was taken at the end of the day so not so great!)

What I wore:
Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation,
Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer,
Urban Decay Naked Palette colours as described as above :D
Rimmel Vinyl Max lipgloss (review soon)
Maybelline liquid eye liner in black.
Rimmel Lash Accelerator in Brown Black
Benefit 10 on my cheeks.

Hope you enjoyed lovelies...
Lots of Love

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Upcoming post: Shopping Haul :D

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette
Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Scratch

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Rimmel Vinyl Max Lipgloss

Kim Kardashian Perfume

Maybelline 24h Super Stay Concealer

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Upcoming review on all these products tomorrow :D

Watch this space!

Lots of Love

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My 2012 Resolutions!

Hey dolls,

As some of you already have seen from my twitter. I posted the image below yesterday. I have decided on my resolutions for 2012. Last year I had one resolution and that was not to take sh*t from anyone and just say things straight out instead of holding back/bitching! It may have come across harsh to people I spoke out to but it was better, in my opinion, than giving out about people to others behind their backs.

Lose Weight - I plan to lose weight in a healthy way. I know, its one of the most commonly said new years resolutions, and probably more so this year. But I have a goal to be able to look good and wear nice clothes and party outfits by Christmas this year. Some of my resolutions below tie in with this one :)

Less Fizzy Drinks - I drink WAY to much Diet Coke. I've heard rumours that there's an addictive quality to Coke and Diet Coke. I need to cut back a lot. So I'm going to treat myself to fizzy drinks one day a week.

Eat Healthier - I plan to cut back on chocolate, crisps, toast, fast food, etc. and eat more healthy options. I do cook myself at the weekend at my boyfriend's house but it involves mainly pasta dishes, lasagne and enchilada's! So I'm going to try to mix it up and not be so lazy with cooking.

Strong Heart - I am in a dangerous weight zone for my height. My BMI is ridiculously abnormal for someone of my age and height. I need to exercise more to gain a healthier, stronger heart. I don't like the thoughts of cutting my life short because of my size, or having heart problems at a young age - which fingers crossed I don't. But because of my sleep apnea I suffered during the summer of 2010 (mainly), there were huge health problems to do with heart, blood pressure, strokes, diabetes - there was a greater chance of me getting these problems if I continued suffering from sleep apnea undiagnosed. It's sorted now but I still had it so want to be as healthy as possible because I don't want to suffer from diabetes or have heart problems of any kind. So 2012 is the year for the healthy heart :)

Blog More - I am making it my mission to blog at least once a week! I know that's not much but for now it's the minimum I plan to blog each week. And if I say I'll do a series of something I will stick to it!! And if I don't you can give out to me via Facebook, Twitter or email!!

Drink More Water - My skin has gone rubbish in the past few weeks so I plan to drink at least 3-4 pint glasses of water!! I need to drink water for a healthier lifestyle, healthier body, blood flow and my skin.

Live with Boyfriend - We've been in talks of living together for a while now but because he's living alone in a house his dad owns I can't just pack up and move in there and change things around!! He lives in his home where he used to live with his grandaunt until she passed away in 2010. We've been together almost a year now and have decided it's what we both want. Moving would mean my first time living with a partner, living out of home and moving to another city... but it's only an hour away so I'll still have friends and family close. He is planning on redecorating in the summer so hopefully before Christmas next year I'll be living and settled with my lovely boyfriend. Also I would have to get a job in that direction to be able to afford to live out of home. A lot of annoying but important factors!!

What are your new years resolutions? :)

Happy New Year everyone and I hope you'll all keep following my blog for 2012 and beyond.

Lots of Love