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Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Halloween 2011

Hey dolls,

Finally getting a post up :) My Halloween weekend was interesting to say the least :P I went out with my boyfriend, Daniel, his best friend, Trish, and her fiancé, Jonathan, and her friends from college. We went to Club D'Ville in Charleville. 

It took us a while to get ready :P Daniel went as a Rum Smuggler/Pirate and me as a "vampire". I did my make-up, got dressed and had a drink ;) And then I did Daniel's eyeliner and drew on a scar. It wasn't too hard putting in the contacts, I'd never done it before but they felt weird and took a few minutes to get used to. My eyes watered a lot :O Once we were ready we set off to Trish and Jonathan's apartment and we had some drinks and chatted away.

(l-r: Daniel, me, Trish and Jonathan)
(Daniel, as a pirate and me as a vamp)
(Trish, as "Miss Einstein" a nerd, and Jonathan, as an army dude)
Once we got to the club the rest of the nights a bit of a blur... I remember falling over in my heels (embarrassing). When I checked my camera I had loads of pics of me posing with my camera... but have no recollection of taking them! And they were taken at the club... I think in the bathroom...weird!!

Great night... don't want to remember that much about it ;) :P
(Me and Trish)
(Me with red contacts - one of my many random drunk pics!!)
(The "good" witch Jessica)
Halloween day... my goddaughter (cousin) and her big bro stopped by halloween evening in there costumes ;) Luke was a skeleton and Jessica was a witch.

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