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FOTN and new hair :D

Hey dolls,

I dyed my hair mahogany last wednesday and went out with my friends from college Thursday night. It was so much fun with 9 litres of cocktails involved :D :P hehe. My hairspiration was Cheryl Cole in the pic below. I love the colour. I was looking for something different with a hint of pop... :) I used L'oreal casting creme gloss in 550.

I wore eyeshadows from Urban Decays Fun Palette. I wore "sin" all over my lid and "baked" in the crease and edges. I wore maybelines define a line liquid liner on my top lid and rimmel's accelerator in black on my lashes. I wore maybelline dream liquid mousse, and 17 blush in china pink. And for my lips l'oreal glam shine reflexion in sheer cassis.

Lots of Love

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Hair Colour :)

Hey dolls,

I am currently in the process of dying my hair mohogany :) Just like Cheryl Cole in this picture. I went for L'oreal paris casting creme gloss :) But of course I didn't read the instructions (well I glanced but forgot to wet my hair before putting in the colour... so we'll have to wait and see how it turns out :) Fingers crossed it's nice :D

Lots of Love

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Xfactor UK: Live Show 1

Hey dolls,

Since I've started watching the xfactor from the beginning of the live shows I've decided to do a weekly commentry on it :) All my own opinions of course and a run through of what happened :) The twist this weekend is one act from each group must leave this week. So the final 16 will be the final 12. No public vote either... it's down to the mentor to choose who there top 3 will be for each category.

Amelia Lily: 16 year old Amelia performed her version of Billie Jean. I think her vocals were amazing but still not 100% sure I like her personal style... then again it's personal.

Johnny Robinson: Believe was the song for Johnny this week. His voice sounds kind of creepy to me. He looks like he's wearing tinfoil... just because he like camp things doesn't give Louis the go ahead to make him look and sound totally nuts. His vocals are good for this song though. Not sure how far he'll go though.

Rhythmix: Singing Nicki Minaj's Super Bass the vocals were totally off at the start with the rapping but towards the end got better. The rapping is totally off for this song. I can understand it's live but that's the point of the show. 

Frankie Cocozza: The A Team was the song for the cheeky tattooed Frankie this week. Hmm... his vocals are a bit rusty and he sounds too much like other famous singers... I don't think his voice is unique enough.

Sophie Habibis: Sang Teenage Dream. I wasn't a huge fan of Sophie's voice from seeing her sing at Kelly's house in Miami but she did well. She changed the song to make it more her own. Her singing is really great and very suited to this song.

Jonjo Kerr: Jonjo sang You Really Got Me. I thought in the beginning he was a bit distracted by the audience and hot girls dancing. It seemed a bit karaoke at the beginning, but in saying that... he got really into it and looked like he enjoyed himself and sang it well. He's got a nice voice.

2 Shoes: When I first saw these girls in there gold shiny unflattering dresses I was like "oh gawd" here we go... and there choice of song with Something Kinda Ooh wasn't the best.But there vocals are ok... they sing well together.

James Michael: Singing Ticket to Ride didn't show off his voice too amazing but he can sing and has a good voice. I think if he sang a more powerful voice he would've been better off but he's got the vocal to keep him in.

Misha B: Singing a very well-known famous song out pressure on Misha B but she sang Rolling In The Deep very well and made it her own. Channelling her inner Adele sitting for the performance at the beginning was good BUT I'm not sure about the outfit, huge chair and strangely dressed back-up dancers!! The rap totally shocked me... such a random thing to put into this beautiful balad but in saying that she did very well and sounded amazing. It worked well.

Nu Vibe: Showing there inner Chris Brown the boys sang Beautiful People. This was done really well... there harmony's could have been better but girls will love them so there safe for another week. They've got good voices and a good look so they'll go far... they might follow in JLS footsteps!

Marcus Collins: He Moves Like Jagger. I love this song but Marcus's version wasn't great for me. He wasn't in it enough. Its a fun, bouncy, moving song but it was slowed a bit and not done well enough for the song. He's got a good voice though. But next time a better song would be good or bigger moves.

Sami Brookes: Singing Free she showed off her voice well. I liked this performance. She has some set of lungs! She sang this well... the song definitely suited her voice. Gary looked like he enjoyed the performance too.
The Risk: They sang She Said. Harmony's were good and vocals were good. I like how they each had there chance to show off there individual voices. Good performance. The performance was good and looked well too.

Craig Colton: Craig sang Jar of Hearts. He has an amazing voice. He did really well. I like how the performance didn't take away from him or his voice. I hope he goes far because he shows he wants it through his voice. He went for it and didn't hold back. I think this was my performance of the week.

Kitty Brucknell: Kitty went for a Queen classic singing Who Wants to Live Forever. Being a controversial contestant with her crazy antics she does have amazing vocals! She performed well and really got into the song. Her vocals were spot on.

Janet Devlin: Young Janet went for Fix You. Her confidence was booming and she did a good job. There's a lot of pressure on Janet to prove herself to be a great confident singer unlike her shy self that she showed up until now. She sang brilliant and with all the press saying she's a winner I think she'll go far despite the extra attention.

Lots of Love

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bad Blogger

Hey dolls,

I'm so busy with work and so tired when I get home... :( I don't have much time to blog! :( Fingers crossed I get something up friday or I'll be kicking myself.

Thank you for your support guys.

Lots of love

Monday, October 3, 2011

Blast from the past!

Hey dolls,

I've been mad busy trying to get all my pictures onto an external hard drive! I've had a few scares of nearly losing the lot and I really want to back them up. I got a hard drive and while putting the pictures onto it I came across these beauts! haha. So I decided to share my blast from the past with you guys :)

Hope you enjoyed.

Lots of love