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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Product Review

Hey Dolls,

This is day 10- I missed day 10 :( So gutted. I was just too busy :( I thought I'd have 5 minutes but didn't even have time to breath getting ready :( I'm so disappointed!! But I'll carry on...

Back in August I got some new products when I was at my boyfriends house in Limerick. Here's my products reviews for the following:

Essence XXXL shine lipgloss - This lipgloss is too silvery for my liking. It does give a nice shine and is very creamy and smooth.

Catrice Cosmetics Nail Laquer in Am I Blue or Green? is really thick and nice. I loved this colour its confusing because depending on lighting it can be more blue or more green!! :) It's a great bright colour pigmented nail laquer. 

Catrice Cosmetics Lashes to Kill mascara is really good, I quite like it. It's not clumpy and goes on smoothly. My lashes always look long, separated and nice with this mascara. It's my most used mascara at the mo :)

This is the result when I use it. (my lashes are weird just in case your wondering :P)

Natural Collection loose powder - to be honest I'm not a huge fan of this. It has a yellow tint on my skin, looks too dusty and just doesn't look nice. 

Maybelline pure liquid foundation -  I love Maybelline foundations, but this one would be one of my least favourites to be honest. It shows up every flaw on my face and does go on smoothly but doesn't look that flawless like you'd want a foundation to look.

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