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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Friend's Graduation

Hey dolls,

This is my day 8 post... I know I said it'd be a product review but it's late in the evening and don't have any pics done or anything so I'm totally unprepped but I will get it done soon :)

So yesterday was friend Maria's graduation and we went to see her. Maria is from Cyprus and came back for 3 weeks for a holiday and her graduation. She lived with my friend Rose and that's how I met her. She left Ireland in May to go home forever. We were all upset and devastated she was leaving but I'm so delighted she's back for a while :)

Her graduation from UCC started at 4pm and she was the only one from degree graduating. Me and Salome sat in the guests lobby and watched on a large TV screen while Rose and Eoin (Maria's on/off boyfriend) were in the ceremony room because each student gets 2 tickets.

So after the ceremony we took pictures in the usual graduate places like on the grass, by the president's door and some other places on campus. We headed for coffee in town but ended up getting dinner in scoozi's instead... yummy :)

(l-r) Salome, Maria, Rose and me

Maria at the President's Door.

Me and Maria

Maria's gorgeous outfit.

Rose in Maria's gown and hat pretending it's her graduation hahaha.

A lot of friend's of mine graduated this week from UCC. And I'm very happy and proud of all of them :)

Ann O Donovan graduated with a BA honors degree from Arts. Is going on to do her masters degree in UCC.

Annmarie Rogers graduated with a BA honors degree from Early Childhood Studies. Is currently working in childcare facilities :)

Joshua Allen (Alina's [in pic] boyfriend) graduated with a BSc from Environmental Studies. (Is now going to Trinity College to get his masters degree).

Lots of Love

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