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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Anniversary Party Shopping Haul (Boots)

Hey Dolls,

Day 6 of my month of blogging :) I went shopping Saturday morning for some "essentials" for my parents anniversary party. Mom wanted to get some things so I snapped up the opportunity to get some things too. Everything I got below is from boots.

Lee Stafford Products (3 for €18)

 Treatment For Hair That Never Grows Past A Certain Length
I had this before and love the conditioned feeling my hair has after I use it. I'm not sure on the hair growth power of this but its a good product.

 Solution Spray - I Hate my Hair the Day It's Washed
I really do hate my hair the day its washed. When I dry and straighten my hair it's always frizzy and bugs the heck out of me. So I said I'd give this a go... I would notice a change immediately with my hair.

Shine Head Spray Shine - Shiny Sexxxy Hair In A Can
I've tried other shine products on my hair and have been unsuccessful and with the fact that my hair isn't naturally nicely shiny then I want to try anything to help :)

Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Liner - Sweet Pink (132)
I wanted to get a nice lip liner that was close to my lip colour but also one that matched my Revlon pink lipstick (can't remember the colour name :O)

 Swatch on the lip liner

Bourjois Healthy Mix Correcting Concealer
I saw this in a makeup tutorial and wanted to try it out because it looked like it works well for that blogger/youtuber (Anna Saccone). I don't have acne/spots but I get the odd one or two, and I have bad bags under my eyes from last summer so I wanted to try this and see if it'd work.

Swatch of concealer

Blended swatch

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs (Buy 1 get one half price)
I love this product. I was introduced to this by my good friend Laura. She uses it like a religion for nights out and I wanted to give it a go... With spray tans I get my mom/sister to apply it always end up streaky and then its hard to get off afterwards. But with this is washes with a bit of scrubbing and comes out immediately on skin so its easy to blend. The only bad thing about this for me is I sweat quite a lot (understatement :P) and so it can look patchy by the end of the night! And its really hard to wash off whites :( I got this because I'm only tanning my top half because my legs will be covered with black tights so hopefully it'll look good.

Eylure Girls Aloud Fake Eyelashes
Kimberley - I have been a huge fan of Kimberleys lashes since they first came out and I got them for the party because they look natural, blend well with my own eyelashes and look good.
Nadine - I picked Nadine's lashes for my mom because she was looking for something glam and to pop. Also her natural lashes are quite short so this will really open her eyes up and look lovely.

Elegant Touch Fake Nails
Classic All Dressed Up - These ones are mine, there just a french polish looking nail with a line of silver glitter. Simple but cute.
Decorated French - These are mom's, she got a dark red flower detail on french polished nails.

Benefit "That Gal" Brightening Face Primer (€29.50)
I did a review on primers back in August and this is by far my favourite of the three. So I had to snap upp the opportunity to get it again. I love it, the colour, packaging, consistency and feel.

Lots of Love

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