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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model

And the winner is... 


The Winners Company Shoot
The Winners Company Shoot
The Winners Company Shoot
The Winners Company Shoot
The Miami Beach Shoot
The Miami Beach Shoot
The Wedding Couture
The Revlon Shoot
The Company Shoot (Miami)
The Underwater Shoot
The Crying Shoot
The Ballet Shoot
Falconry Shoot
The Nude Shoot
 Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Perspex Booth Shoot

I wanted Jade to win. I'm a huge fan and she has a very unique look and she's beautiful.
Well done Jade.

Lots of Love

Note: None of these pictures are mine... found through google search.

September Update

Hey dolls,

I decided since it's coming to the end of the month to do an update on what's been happening in my world the last few weeks :)

Some of my friend's graduated this month from college... very proud of each of them. I did a post on this earlier in the month so go check that out here.

Today is my parents 25th wedding anniversary and they're currently having a getaway in Mayo, Ireland for a few days. They celebrated with family and friend's on 10th September in Clonakilty, check out that post here and pictures here.

My younger brother turned 18 this month!! I'm still in denial! He used to be the same height as my nose for years and now I'm at his chin!! :( Gutted I can't call him my little brother anymore :P haha.

I've recently seen these two movie's Friends with Benefits and Crazy Stupid Love with my lovely boyfriend. Yes he was sucked into seeing these movie's but he "secretly" loved them. Both movies are great and I'll do a review at the weekend :) So watch out for those.

My best friend Sharon had her gorgeous baby girl, Chloe, this month.Check out here for more pics and info :) She's so small, can't wait to give her a lil cuddle when I eventually see her :)

I started my new job in Apple last friday, had my induction and now I'm officially working away. Can't talk about my job on here or anywhere else really. All you need to know is I'm loving it - really enjoyable and great place to work... early mornings aren't my friend (yet ;]).

Hope you enjoyed my quick and random post.

Lots of Love

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Baby Arrival!

Hey dolls,

As you may already know from my twitter and facebook.... my goddaughter/"niece" was born on Thursday 22nd September by emerging c-section at 9.44am. My best friend Sharon is the new mom of the gorgeous Chloe :) I can't wait to see her in person and give her a little cuddle too :)

Congratulations Sharon x

Lots of Love

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wish Outfit: River Island

Hey Dolls,

How super cute is this outfit put together as a suggestion by River Island? I love it. I want it. I might splash out on it ;) I would definitely get the dress and jacket but not sold on the shoes as of yet... might find a cheaper cuter pair :) What do you think?

Light Brown Bust Cup Bodycon Dress, £38

Black Glitter Peep Toe Wedges, £70

Black Classic Blazer, £60

Lots of Love

First Blog Interview


Hey dolls,

I have my first blog interview on Rachel's blog and I'm soooo super happy and excited :D Go check it out here... Blogger Interview.

Lots of Love

Update - Links no longer work!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Una Healy confirms pregnancy!

Hey dolls,

Una Healy from the well known girl group, The Saturdays, has confirmed that she is expecting her first child with boyfriend ,Ben Foden, of 3 years. She is 3 months pregnant this week and is "overjoyed" and "excited at becoming a mom".
(Una with boyfriend and baby dad, Ben)

The sex of the baby is unknown for now but it is known that all the Saturdays girls are excited for Una and have all suggested on the Late Late Show that there are plenty of babysitters to go around.

Una has no obvious bump yet. And she has also said the Saturdays tour will continue as planned.

(Una has no bump yet)

(Stunning mom-to-be)

(Una with the rest of The Saturdays girls.. l-r Frankie, Una, Rochelle, Vanessa, Molly)

 She is following in the footsteps of many celebs currently showing little bumps like... Beyonce, Jenifer Garner and Hilary Duff.

Congratulations to Una and Ben and the other soon-to-be celeb moms.

Lots of Love

Monday, September 19, 2011

Movie Review: The Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Hey dolls,

When I was on my getaway in Dublin I wanted to take my boyfriend to the biggest cinema in Ireland because he loves movies and big screens and all that. So we went to the VUE cinema in Liffey Valley to see

The Rise of the Planet of the Apes

I didn't know much about this movie only that James Franco, Tom Felton and Freida Pinto were all in it. As I watched the movie I loved the graphics, and how realistic the apes looked among the people and surroundings. The acting was all very well done, there were no dull moments when I thought oh god when is something going to happen. It was all very action packed and was so continuous and adventurous it really made a good impact. I liked the story line behind... showing that even in the trustworthiest places behind closed doors you never know whats really happening - it shows that when it comes to people who can't speak for themselves you have to be there constant eyes and ears. This movie was really a great movie.

The only part that let me down was when I found out that Tom Felton's character was bad... I was really hoping to see him stay away from the "dark side" of acting even just for his first major role away from the Harry Potter movies. He is a great actor though I will give him that and he played the role really well.

All actors in this movie portrayed there parts very well and worked well together.

My rating: 4/5

Lots of Love

Friday, September 16, 2011

Adele look-a-like

Hey dolls,

I've been told twice in the last week I look like Adele in this picture.... what do you think?? :)

Lots of Love

Parent's wedding anniversary (Pics)

Hey dolls,

Here are some pics from my parents 25th wedding anniversary that family and friends celebrated together last Saturday night.

 Me and mom all "diva'd" out

 My gorgeous little goddaughter Jessica

 Family snap :)

 Me and my cousins Roisin and Derrine

My brother Damian and lil cousin (my goddaughter) Jessica

My dad and his brothers... doing the dance they do at all big family events :P

Me and my handsome other half Daniel

My mom and dad having a good time, enjoying the music and dancing

Lots of Love

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wedding Anniversary and update!!

Hey dolls,

As you know I was at my parents wedding anniversary Saturday night. That weekend was very fast-paced and I haven't had much time or chance to blog since last thursday :( So as you can guess I failed my 30 days of blogging challenge I set myself! But with dodgy internet at my boyfriend's house, the computer down at my house, lack of timing and pictures I couldn't blog :( So on with my weekend...

Friday, 9th September
Today I had to finish tidying my room, shower and pack for the night away Saturday and my boyfriend came to my house with the cakes his mom made us...YUMMY :)

Saturday,10th September
Today is party day. My dad's cousin and his family arrived from Birmingham this morning so we collected them from the airport and went for breakfast in Douglas. We then went back to my gran's house (I still call it that even though she's passed on) and sat and talked. Then me and mom left to get our hair done. I got a curly upstyle done and mom got GHD curls. After the hairdresser we got home and my room had flooded :O I left the bedroom window open and the rain got in...my brother luckily spotted it and closed the window and dried up the water while I was out. When we got home it was a mad rush to pack (for me) and then once everyone arrived we headed off for Clonakilty. We stayed in the Quality Hotel and it was lovely there. Unfortunately didn't get to use the leisure centre this time...maybe another time! After we checked into the hotel we started to get ready immediately...well me and mom did! I had to do mom's make-up and fake lashes, I then had to re-curl her hair because the curls came out... :/ And then she did my fake tan and then I did her fake nails. All of a sudden dad comes in and tells me everyone is coming to our suite to have a glass of champagne before we leave for the dinner....I panicked because I was mid-way through doing mom's nails...I still had to get dressed, do my own make-up, lashes and nails!! So mid-way through doing my nails everyone walked into the main room in the suite to see me standing there putting on my nails... kinda embarrassing! :P And so we all toasted champers and had a glass each. Then we all headed off to the Fernhill House Hotel [where my parents had there original wedding reception :)]. We had a fabulous dinner with family and close friends and had some drinks afterwards. The dinner started at half 7 and we had a private bar area and drank the night away until half 3. Me and my boyfriend, my younger brother and his friend shared a suite.
(l-r) Me, Dad, Sister Aileen, Brother Damian, Mom

Sunday 11th September
We got up for breakfast at 9am. After we checked out of the hotel we headed back for home, my brother had a match (won 4-1) and we had dinner in Captain America's that evening before me and boyfriend headed off for Limerick.

It was great seeing and chatting to all my cousins again. It's usually a while inbetween when we see each other :( We took loads of pictures... unfortuantely deleted all my pictures from my camera :( But there was loads of cameras so hopefully I will get some more pictures soon!! AND I forgot to take make-up pictures, hair pictures, outfit pics etc.... because I was in such a rush :( Sucks!! I'm sorry, I will definately re create the looks soon and get pics up!! :) xx

Showing some love: Ariana Grande

Hey dolls,

I recently saw a YouTube video of Ariana Grande performing at Macy's in New York City. She performed there in July.She looks and sounds amazing. She is an actress on the hit nickelodeon show Victorious along side Victoria Justice. Her character is Cat Valentine. [I recently tweeted about this too :)]

Ariana Grande Facts:

Lives in... Florida
Hair Colour... Red Velvet Cupcake
    Charity - Broadway in South Africa
    Word - Bubble
    Book - Harry Potter series
    Designer - Chanel
    Food - Strawberries and Sushi
Guilty pleasure... Pop tarts
Unique talent... Impersonations

Ariana is such a talented actress and singer. She has an incredible voice. She loves dressing like a pin-up girl.

Check out her:

Lots of Love