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Thursday, August 18, 2011

YAY Blog Award Time!

Sunshine Award =)

Yay!! I got a blog award :D This was awarded to me by the lovely Sheniz on her blog Shen's Beauty. I am so happy this has made my day. To accept this award I have to answer the following 9 questions: 
1. Favourite Colour: Pink :)
2. Favourite Animal: Morkie (cross breed of yorkshire terrior and maltese)
3. Favourite Number: 7
4. What Perfume Am I Using Right Now?: Katy Perry Purr perfume
5. Something You Always Wear that identifies you: hmm I don't know :O
6. What's your passion: Make-up/Hair/Music
7. What Was The Last Eyeshadow You Used?: Rimmel quid brown shadows
8. Favourite Day Of The Week: Friday (it's usually when I get to see my boyfriend) :)
9. Are Your Nails Painted Right Now?: Ya, a little chipped so must re-paint them.

There are so many blogs I love reading for different reasons!! Some blogs I think should get this award and you should check out (along with Sheniz's blog) are:

Laura - Liparazzi
Zoe - Zoella
Shannon - Schnella
Mara (and Matthew) - M loves M
Caitlin - Chrysanthemum
Melanie - Beauty and Bows

I love reading these blogs and loads more :) I keep finding great bloggers as time goes on :) Thanks you so much to Shen for this award, it means a lot :)

Lots of Love

P.S. If you think you deserve this award feel free to post it on your page and answer the questions :) xx


  1. No prob hun, you deserve it :) U've a great blog :) x

  2. Thank you for the award sweetie!

    Kisses, Melanie

  3. Yayy you did the tag + Thank you! :$ - Have a lovely evening m'lovely (: xxx

  4. @Melanie - No prob :) Your blog is so interesting - love the way you do the pics xx

    @Sheniz - I did :) Thank you for tagging me :) xx

  5. Yay thanks for the award :) i've done the tag now xx

  6. So great to have found another Irish blogger, we are rare !!
    From our newest follower :) xx

  7. thanks so much for the blog award!I really appreciate the mention :) x


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