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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Update :)

Hey dolls,

This is my OOTN for August 6th. I was going to my friend's lil brothers 18th party. Love this outfit, it's so comfy and cute. Definitely wearing this again soon :)

 This is the colour I'm dying my hair in 2 weeks :O I have to go brown because the condition of my hair has gotten so bad... no matter what products I put into my hair its always the same :( So brown here I come!!

This is my make-up storage. I moved around my room so I moved my make-up storage around. And I designed cute little labels too. I had marker with the things in the drawers written but it kept rubbing off so I made labels. Unfortunately this set-up is awkward but I ahve to keep it this way until I find a better set-up or move out of home! :O

Today there's thunder and lightening! :O I'm freaked. I was on my phone by the window and saw a flicker of light from the lightening so I decided to move away haha. I hate the noise of thunder and the flickers from lightening. They scare me so much since I was little! :(

Mmm... yummy I'm having enchilada's for dinner!! :D So tasty, cheesy and spicy!! What a combo :D ;)

I'm loving Pixie Lott's new song All About Tonight... I'm not sure about her new hairstyle though. I've always loved her style, hair and make-up and of course her music. But her short hair is a bit too think and strange for me. I love her hair colour and the length before but not so much now. It might grow on me though :D

I love this guy so much :) He's the greatest. Always there for me when I need him... he may be an obsessed gamer but who isn't these days ;) hahaha. Love him so much xxxx

I would really really really like a laptop :) That way I could blog a lot more and even blog when I'm visiting my boyfriend and he's gaming :D hahaha. I love the way the Dell Inspiron had changeable covers but I'm not a huge fan of dell to be honest because my sister had one and it wasn't great :O :(

Lots of Love

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