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Monday, August 15, 2011

Home Department Loving!!

Hey dolls,

I had some time to kill after the dentist today so I strolled to Dunnes Stores to have a look around. I saw some really nice pieces of furniture and other products from the home department. If I had my own place and a job to be able to buy these bits of furniture I totally would :D

 Pillow Storage - this is the weirdest thing I've ever seen! Its quite small to be able to store a pillow or two in it!! I think it's so unusual.
 Storage box - this is so cute and girly. I love it. It's a box with a little handle. There were all different sized ones. I really like the design on it.
Chest of Drawers - I love this chest of drawers. Its so feminine, nice and would love to have all the furniture in my room like this.
 Mirrored chest of drawers - I really like this mirror chest of drawers. Its so cool that its a mirror. This is what attracted me to this. The only thing about this is that if I actually had this chest of drawers I would get quite annoyed by the reflections and probably creeped out a lot if I saw movement out of the corner of my eye!! :P
 Leather recliner chair - This chair caught my eye because I thought my boyfriend would love it!! He's an (obsessed) gamer and this chair would be so comfortable. It swirls around and has a poof.
 Bed throw - I really really really want to get one of these. Its a white bed throw and is so soft. Cuddling on the couch with my boyfriend watching a movie with the fire on and this blanket keeping us warm. :) AND its soft (I think I said this already).
 Large Mirror - This is a gorgeously big mirror. It would look gorgeous above the fireplace or on a big blank wall in a sitting room.
 Lamp shade - This lamo shade is so pretty. It has little gems sown in as you can see and once the light is on behind it then the gems would light up! :) And its in black, purple or soft silver.
 Retro canvas picture - This picture is so cool... love it! :) I so want it in a room in my non existant beauty room :P

 Photo album - I like the idea of these photo albums with the little photo pocket in the front so you can either put a picture in there or a label so you know what pictures are in the album :)
 Large photo frame - This photo frame is so cool. I would love this in my "house" because it has loads of space for different pictures. I would fill it with pictures of all my loved ones :D
 Storage box - This is a cute, girly little box. I love the detail on the outside.
 Rose canvas picture - I love this painting. Pink roses are my favourite and this picture is gorgeous with the wiriting on it too. 
 Canvas picture - this was also another picture I found in there. I think the colours are a bit dull for my liking but I think this picture is so nice in a weird way. 
Vanilla 3 wick candle -  this candle is gorgeous for a mantle piece or on a windowsill. It smells lovely. I want it! :) 


  1. I wish we had Dunnes in London! There are similar things like the Range and Home Sense but nothing with these shabby chic kind of pieces! + I do love the chest of drawers (:

    By the way you have a blog award waiting for you!

    I hope your well,
    Sheniz xxx

  2. I wish we had many shops that ye have too :) Aww thatnk you so much hun :) xx


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