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Monday, August 15, 2011

Movie Review: Super 8

Super 8
 (4 stars)

I saw this movie on Friday 12 August, in the Storm cinema in Limerick with my boyfriend, his sister and brother. The idea of this movie I had going in was very different when I was walking out at the end!! I went into the movie thinking it was a modern version of E.T. There were two similarities... bikes and an alien wanting to go home! 

I liked this movie a lot. There were jumpy parts, teary parts and action parts. The teen actors in this movie were very good. Joel Courtney, played Joe Lamb, was the main actor in this movie. This was his first major movie. He is a very good actor and played the role of the deputy sheriffs son very well. Elle Fanning, played Alice Dainard, has been an actress from a very young age but as she enters her teen years she has grown into a beautiful young girl and an amazing actress. Riley Griffiths, plays Charles, this is his first movie also. He is also a brilliant actor. 

The movie begins with a work related death in the town, and then skips ahead 4 months. The movie is based on a young boy Charles making a zombie film because he's entered a film festival. Joe is the make-up artist for the movie and Alice is the "wife" in the zombie film. They use super 8 cameras to record the film. It starts off with the boys setting up at the town's railway station at midnight. Then a train comes along, it is a train connected with the army. The movie is very self explanatory and isn't confusing at all. Some movies require you to watch every second because if you miss something you'll be lost in the story line but not in this case.

So I would recommend people to go see this movie if they like alien/action movies. Even if your not a fan of those kinds of movies... it's one to watch :)

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