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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Soap & Glory Hatbox of 2010 :)

So once again my sister got me the new soap and glory hatbox for Christmas :D I love it :D

This is what it looks like - it has a bag, a foldable box with a cardboard lid with all the products inside on it.

This is the lid and it had all the products with the names of them and how much of the products are there.

This is what it looks like inside the box :)

Here are all the products, it includes:

*Clean on me shower gel
*Hand Food
*Girligo spray on body moisturising mist
*Glad hair day daily hair shampoo
*The righteous butter
*Flake away body polish
*Breakfast scrub
*Scrub your nose on it
*Off your face cleansing cloths
*A body loofa
And I also got these items seperately:

*Glow Getter body tan - amazing shimmer tan that gives your skin a gorgeous colour and glow.
*Glow lotion - gives body a nice shimmer and can be used to highlight your assets ;)
*Night cream - moisturiser for face.
*Hocus pocus face glow - gices your face a healthy glow or can eb used to highlight cheakbones.

I will test and blog about these products in the upcoming weeks :)
Lots of love xoxo

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